On the ocassion of Friendship Day 2020, we have a list of Friendship Dialogues from Bollywood movies that celebrate Friendships. A kid finds relief in the friendship of his stepsisters when he shifts to his father and stepmother's house after his mother's death. Dear Zindagi is a good Hindi movie about friendship and friends because it also requests you to point out to them when you feel they are affecting your life. The movie reflects how the protagonists understand the value of their friendship and undergo a … Here’s a list of 21 blockbuster bollywood movies about friendship must watch friendship with your bestfriendforever #BFF ️. Time and again, one of the most … 6. All of us identified with either one of Akash, Sameer or Sidharth. While watching Hindi films made on friendship, we cherish our bond with our friends and value the great gift of friendship that we have. The sacrifice however changes Omi forever. Check out the dialogues below: It leaves us in tears when all of Anni’s friends show up when he was in trouble. You might be living under a rock if you haven’t seen this highly rated film!It is an American drama directed by Frank Darabont, based on Stephen King’s novella.The protagonist, Andy Dufresne, has been punished with a life sentence for the murder of his wife and her lover, even as he claims innocence.He develops a decades-long friendship with Ellis “Red” Redding, a fellow prisoner. Three friends who stick together no matter what are separated forever because of communalist forces. This movie popularized the ideas of Friendship's day and friendship bands in India. Even though they are from different countries, they understand each other’s problems and create “Hungama”. Jadoo helps Rohit by giving him superpowers while Rohit helps Jadoo return home. Shashi, played by the late Sridevi, learns a new language and grows a lot as a person only with the help of her newfound friends. The friendship of a goon and his left hand-aid, this one won our hearts with the dialogues which professed the importance of each other in their lives. They are friends because they are all underperformers and help each other to become better. This can be a good friendship day movie. Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety (Movie) is the next on our Bollywood friendship movies list. The ‘Aal Izz Well’ is definitely a solution to all your problems and also gives the courage to face them. Therefore, this is a must-watch Bollywood friendship movie. You have to put others before yourself and think about what would make your friend happy. The roommates living in. The story of how a terminally-ill patient teaches his doctor-turned-friend the lessons of life, is one of the most touching stories of friendship. There's regret and a realisation that friendship is a bigger force in our lives than religion or politics. This record-breaking film was the directorial debut of Karan Johar. Bollywood Hindi songs shows friendship in music, films, songs and many more. 10. While songs about friendship in movies speak about love, in many Bollywood films themes of friendship associated with bitter memories have been colloquially portrayed through sad sentiments in songs. They display emotions that easily connect with you and speak to you on a deeper level. Shahrukh on the other hand has nothing but gratitude for him which is also one of the most important values. From the older “Dostana” to the new one, there are a lot of lessons that Bollywood friendship movies teach you. Think about the time we spent together with friends is the most special and memorable moments in our life. Friendship has been an engrossing theme for Bollywood with several movies being dedicated to this special bond. Starring Shahrukh Khan and Irfan Khan in leading roles, the movie Billu taught us the most important value of friendship, unconditional love. How many of these have you seen already. todenge Dam Magar Tera Saath Na Chhodenge…..” Even in his dire state of life, he refrains from asking help, simply because he doesn’t want it to be a give or take relationship. Chichhore is one of the must-watch friendship movies from Bollywood. No one promotes and shows friendship more beautifully than our Bollywood. All rights reserved. Amar Prem's nok-jhok friendship won many hearts. When it comes to movies we have always watched more of romance, action, thriller, comedy, drama etc. The three friends in the movie stick to each other all the time and teach us not only to leave friends alone ever. The perfect Bollywood drama filled with love and laughter, it is a tale of great friendships. This movie represents the oldest story about friendship in Bollywood, this movie tells the story of two friends Ramu and Mohan who help each other through hardships. The video shows top 10 bollywood movies based on friendship and slice of life. The twisted thing is that their friendship is deep and when some problems come in … Here are 20 Bollywood movies on friendship that will make you call your best friend ASAP! Friendship is the best thing that has happened to mankind. So on this International Friendship Day, here are the best Bollywood films ever based on true friendship to teach us the value of friends in our lives. Bollywood has given us many friendship movies and handed us over uncountable buddy goals… One of the most watched movies of Bollywood, Sholay  was the journey of two friends Jai and Veeru. 100 Greatest Bollywood Movies about Friendship. It is a reality as well as fiction because even while writing about the truth, we tend to add our own thoughts. It is because of the confidence she gets from them that she achieves her dream. Friendship dialogues from Bollywood Films and their English translation. She feels she can help people become the best versions of themselves. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. It depicted two stories in different periods. Tollywood Movies on Friendship: If you want to watch a movie that is based on friendship and love then below listed are some great Telegu movies that are based on true friendship, love, and respect. The people who stand by you for many years are the ones who “CHOOSE” to do so. Instant Watch Options; Genres; Movies or TV; IMDb Rating; In Theaters; On TV; Release Year; Keywords; Prime Video … 3 Idiots, a blockbuster Bollywood film that revolves around college life and friends dying for each other, teach us that once you become friends, you cannot afford to stay out of touch for long. The story of how teenage kids help their PT Teacher out of a trap for him. Kabir's story is the story of his friendship with Aditi and Avi and Naina. Defined that sacrificial tone where you are ready to take a bullet for your friend. The sheer simplicity of their friendship wins our hearts and makes us think of the friends we made in college and that one crazy friend who always thought out of the box. Kai Po Che, a screen adaptation of Three Mistakes of My Life by Chetan Bhagat, is yet another amazing movie to cherish friendship. Yes, it taught us jealousy and competition can never come in between friends. The song ‘Yeh Dosti hum Nahi Chodenge ’ is still remembered whenever friendship is celebrated. link. The movie could be taglined as “ Bros before anything”. It isn’t a big reveal to quote what the movie Student of The Year taught us about friendship. It is a good Bollywood film to watch with friends. This movie was responsible for all those types of different reunions with long-lost friends. We all want a Jay in our lives. In true friendships, there are fewer selfies and more memories. It taught us that sometimes in friendship you have to sacrifice. Kicking off our list is one of the most loved songs from movie Wazir on friendship in recent times. Jay and Aditi’s friendship is immortal but there’s another relation in the movie that teaches a very important lesson about friendship. Irfan, who helps Shahrukh become a huge star, doesn’t mention a word to anybody. Feeding Trends © Copyright 2021. DilChahtaHai (2001) Every one of you can identify with either one of Akash, Sameer or that of Sidharth. Despite the illness he had, he ensured his friendship with Saif was unaffected. Bollywood has given us some iconic films that made us laugh & cry and appreciate the best friendships ever giving us major friendship goals at the same time. August 12, 2015. Two friends who help each other through money-trouble, girl-trouble and all other kinds of troubles. They make the big changes in his life a little more bearable. 25 Bollywood Friendship Songs That Make For The Ultimate Playlist For You & Your BFF. 2 min read . Even though they are from different countries, they understand each other’s problems and create “Hungama”. Our Indian cinema has focused friendship in several movies where there are plenty of hits and blockbusters. 3 Idiots. Friends make us winners. Her friends Avni (Sonam Kapoor), Sakshi (Swara Bhaskar) and Meera (Shikha Talsania) join her and the gang reunites after 10 years. Friendship Day 2020: On This Special Day, Let’s Celebrate The Special Bond Called With Bollywood Movies Which Explore Friendship. Friendships make us happy and here in Bollywood making movies based on brotherhoods or sisterhoods. The Bollywood friendship movie Rock On tells the story of four friends and the struggles in their lives. Dil Chahta Hai (2001) 3 Idiots (2009) Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998) We shall always remember how these do mastaane fought and later became amazing friends who helped each other through the difficult times. “Yeh Dosti Hum Nahin Todenge…. It clearly shows us that being a yes man isn’t always a quality of a good friend. He supports him all along, even when he should stop him from doing something wrong. An aspiring cricketer and his sister dream of making him play cricket despite financial hurdles. Well, there was more to this romantic movie. The movie Badmash Company literally put the “partners in crime” theory to test! Way before Marley and Me came Haathi Mere Saathi, the story of the friendship that Raju shares with four elephants. This movie can be described by the song-, The funniest trio of friends ever seen. Aisha . So here were our best picks on Bollywood friendship movies that will make you grateful for the friendships in your life. This often happens in friendship but we must never forget that old is gold! If you are alike, what’s in the age? So, Queen is another popular Bollywood movie about friendship. The movie Dil Chahata Hai teaches us that people with contrasting personalities make good friends. However, due to some circumstances, they parted their ways. It blends ideas, worlds, and also creates new ones for you. Your friends are way more important than that. It establishes how pyar might succeed dosti but not necessarily. The rendering of the title role by Rajesh Khanna has made sure that the story of this friendship stays imprinted on our hearts forever. Meera (Ayesha Takia), a young woman who becomes a widow shortly after marriage, is trapped by tradition. The story of Rancho, Raju and Farhan is so touching yet so funny, we can't help but watch this one again and again. You know I’m talking about you guys. And once in a blue moon, you see movies based on friendship. This comedy cum drama surely has to be in the Bollywood movies list when we think of friendship. Today, as everyone celebrates Friendship Day across the world, we bring you top 25 Bollywood friendship songs in Hindi that define the bond you share with your friend for life! How many of us have laughed at the scenes with Kanta Ben, Saif Ali Khan, and Shahrukh? She … Aditi’s brother, played by actor Prateek Babbar, tells her that she was his only friend and he hates Jay because he lost her when he came into the picture. In Bollywood movies a significant number of friendship songs are filmed on a college campus. The movie had the most famous love triangle - 2 guys with a girl in between. Irfan Khan is one of the first few real friends Mithila Palkar has made. The story of how competition sows the seeds of separation between two friends and how they finally reunite, this movie made us cry and miss our old friends and was responsible for many reunions. Gunday (2014) Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani (2013) Kai Po Che (2013) Desi Boyz (2011) Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011) 3 Idiots (2009) Wake up Sid (2009) Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (2008) Dostana (2008 Film) Rock On! (2008) The movie tells the story of four friends and the struggles in their lives. Wait, I know, you feel ‘teen’ again! So, Queen is another popular Bollywood movie about friendship. Bollywood has always been about cheesy romances and love stories, with a number of songs thrown in here and there. They might have some differences, but they should be accepted as they are. Ek Main aur Ek Tu is yet another Hindi movie on friendship to cherish. Sanju comes to realize how true friends never leave your side while others might befriend you for ulterior motives. Jai and Veeru, the role played by Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra have become the icons of best friends. Here are some of the songs that you can dedicate to your best-friend this friendship day: Atrangi Yaari. And after college when Rancho goes missing for several years, they look for clues to find him. Top 50 Best Bollywood Romantic Movies Of All Time by minotaurmaxim | created - 11 Dec 2012 | updated - 11 Dec 2012 | Public The best 50 romantic movies including cult classics as well as modernised romance. The space below is an ode to friendship, a celebration of life. Indeed, this movie did give an important message of reunions. If I were to describe myself, I would say - “ A kindle with a Shakespearean classic on it”. The coming of age story of Sid is a new-age tale of friendship. The song Ye dosti hum nahi todenge has become synonymous with friendship. This Bollywood movie teaches you what friendship shouldn’t have! Starring Ayesha Takia and Gul Panag in lead roles, ‘Dor’ is rected by Nagesg Kukunoor and highlights female friendship in the most subtle and pure way. A beautiful message that the film bears – every true friend is family. It showed that through thick and thin you have to stick with your friends and while you are onto that, have the fun of your lifetime! The roommates living in Babu Rao's house get together with their landlord in a scheme to earn money because of a mix-up of phone numbers. Who doesn’t want to watch bollywood movies about friendship must watch. The Bollywood movie Rang De Basanti adapts the story and friendship of India's freedom fighters in contemporary time and goes on to become one of the oddly acclaimed Bollywood films. The movie shows how one is alone without friends and true happiness can be found only when one's true friends are around. They face several hardships but stick together until the end when they choose to die together, instead of living behind bars. The song “Teri Dosti, Mera Pyaar” from the film “Dosti” is one of the Legendary songs from 1964 era. The three friends in the movie join together for a trip, face their worst fears on the trip, together, and sort out their differences. We have fun together, intimidate each other and even stand against each other at some point. And without friends, we are all losers in life. Top 10 Bollywood Movies that Depicts Friendship the Best! Rani travels to Paris for her honeymoon after her fiancé deserts her and refuses to marry her. Watch the friendship Bollywood movie Caravaan and decide for yourself. Friendship Shayari to Celebrate Yaari - Dosti, Veere di Wedding Brings The Levels In Female Friendship. (2008 Film) Rang De Basanti (2006) Koi Mil Gaya (2003) Friendship adds the biryani flavor to our dal chawal life! Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra succeeded in adapting the story of India's freedom fighters in contemporary time by telling the story of a group of friends who decide to raise their voice against the injustice of the Indian army for the sake of their friend. Read More: Friendship Shayari to Celebrate Yaari - Dosti | Veere di Wedding Brings The Levels In Female Friendship. Dialogues by movies, stars, categories and much more. These Hindi friendship movies are not only for your entertainment but to remind you that in these tough times, you are not alone and that there were good times before this and there will be many more after this. These movies are an evident part of the “friendship day movie celebration” but are also a crucial representation of our day to day relationships. The movie is a joy ride of friendship. Friendship Movie-Best Friendship Movie of Bollywood with their Box Office Collection, Cast & Crew Details, Songs and Lyrics in Hindi and English compiled by Bollywood Product, a Movie Website. Their friendship is heart rending. Welcome to AIOS. They choose to die bravely for their friend which has brought tears in our eyes time and again. Shahrukh literally taught us how to smile in the movie Kal Ho Na Ho. Some movies explore friendship from unusual angles, some depict what we experience everyday. You actually remember that a friend in need is a friend indeed. The story of a friend who gives away all he has to see his friend become a singing sensation and his friend who in return never forgets his friend. There is no “type” in friendship except for the people you are genuinely happy with. As you read before, this movie is a perfect example of not judging your friends and giving people chances to prove themselves. They support each other, fight with each other but at the end of the day have each other’s back always. But sometimes, isn’t it the best to let them be what they are? Bollywood Movies About Friendship Must Watch With Your Gang.. Hey! Top 5 Best Friendship Movies of Bollywood (in Hindi)Do you like Bollywood Movies?If yes, then you are at the right place. Thei… Some friendship matches are made in heaven, aren’t they? These movies are truly friendship day movies because even if you do not watch it on that day, it certainly makes your day about your friends. I bet all of us remember the famous scene where a drunk Kangana pours her heart to Lisa Hayden. Their friendship is innocent and selfless. The friendship they have is filled with love! This movie was an absolute contradiction to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. They might not show the emotional bond of friendship they share, but they will always show up in the time of need. He is deaf and mute but talented and becomes a cricketer because of the hard work his sister puts in. The friendship they have is filled with love! A refreshing take. Pyar dosti hai. The funniest trio of friends ever seen. Sholay is one of the best movies on friendship in Bollywood, the movie showed the meaning and definition of true friendship. Who can forget Munna and Circuit when we talk of Bollywood friendship movies? It is a film that celebrates the friendship and lives of four leads. We should be thankful to the And so today First Sunday of August is a big day for friends and friendships. Rock On! This movie, directed by Farhan Akhtar, truly depicts the essence of friendship. Here's a list of 33 Bollywood movies that redefined friendship: 1. Everyone wants a Baburao in their life! Helping and changing have two different meanings after all! They were crazy about music and started their own band, which gained popularity. The movie is a true friendship movie and gets you a few messages for sure. Probably the oldest story about friendship in Bollywood, this movie tells the story of two friends Ramu and Mohan who help each other through hardships. 10 Bollywood movies that redefined friendship. They are brave friends and their love for their late friend brings tears in our eyes. This Bollywood movie teaches you what friendship shouldn’t have! Farhan, Raju & Rancho meet in college, coming from different backgrounds and regions, only to become the best of friends. Be it Akshay helping Upen Patel choose the right path, Katrina’s friend who always made her realize the right and the wrong, or Rishi Kapoor and his friend who raised their children together and supported each other all along. Nitesh Raikwar Updated on Sep 15, 2020, 15:47 IST. Friendships and friends never age - a great message from the love Bollywood film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. We list down some of the best Bollywood movies that changed the definition of friendship. This is a movie that shows the struggles in the lives of those four friends. She not only shares her apartment with her, she also finds him a job he likes and helps him find himself. Well, I feel that is what writing does. Kareena Kapoor Khan and Imran Khan show us that two people, who are polar opposites, can be best friends too. Story of two refugees from Bangladesh who strive to build a life for themselves in India, together. We get to see so many beautiful friendships in this movie. October 26, 2019 crazyshivi 4 Comments. Because of the friendship between them they are ready to do anything to make each other happy. The movie showcases so many values of friendship - trust, loyalty, and most of all love. What can we say about the movie Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani? Love, trust, forgiveness, fun, and so many other values of friendship can be seen in this movie. A great Hindi movie to cherish friendship, Kal Ho Na Ho shows what perfect besties are! Many of us learn from them. This is the most important value in friendship. The first one revolved around campus friends whose friendship blossomed into a sweet romance. This movie very well explains just scoring good marks and grades should be your dream. Bollywood High School and College Movies and Serials by Spectacula | created - 19 Apr 2018 | updated - 23 Apr 2018 | Public Teenage Romance, Rivalry, Crush, Accidents, Quarrels, Dreams, Love, Friendship Sid's friendship with Ayesha makes him responsible and independent. Every year, everyone feels special when it comes to friendship. The Bro-love between Anjali and Rahul which blossoms into love later tried to express how friendship is the first step towards falling in love. Sonam Kapoor playing the character of Aisha is the perfect friend but that’s only in her mind. Not just a love triangle, this movie was the story of the friendship Aman, Naina and Sameer share. This list reveals the 10 best Bollywood films about friendship. Rohit's friendship with Jadoo, an alien who accidentally gets left behind on Earth made many of us cry. Film’s story is based on three childhood friends Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Akshay Khanna who cherish the bonds of friendship together in both happy as well as gloomy times. How do you feel when you meet a couple of your old friends after a long time? Her friendship with a fellow French classmate is beautifully depicted. The awkward friendship that two straight men pretending to be gay share is depicted in this movie. Dostana is a perfect Bollywood friendship film to learn to give friends the margin of being human and making errors. The students in the class bond over the need to learn a language and instil a confidence in her. Friendships in this Bollywood movie are gems of relationships. Their pair was literally electric on screen! For example, watching Dostana, I learned that sometimes friends do not do things purposefully and must be given a benefit of doubt as they might have the best intentions at heart. Friendship Release Date - Check out latest Friendship movie review, trailer release date, Public movie reviews, Friendship movie release date in India, Movie official trailer, news updates. She finds a friend in Vijaya who builds her confidence and later in Amsterdam, the coy girl shares a room with three men in a hostel and the friendship she shares with them is liberating for her. It breaks the stereotype that ladka ladki kabhi dost nahi ban sakte . This movie was released in the year 2011. Contrasting isn’t it? Wondering how the movie Pati, Patni, or Woh is about friendship? Here's a list of 33 Bollywood movies that redefined friendship: The movie tells the story of four friends and the struggles in their lives. Jay is our dream friend. It is one of the best Bollywood friendship movies ever produced. Yaari hai imaan mera yaar meri zindagi! Your tastes aren’t that important when you have fun with that person. The movie has brought tears to our eyes often. The story of a friend who gives away all he has to see his friend become a singing sensation and his friend who in return never forgets his friend. The different moments of friendship in movies have been cherished by movie buffs, and the days ahead will continue to bring back memories of nostalgia associated with friends. The way their friendship stood the test of time and emerged stronger after a bout of misunderstandings struck a chord with all. Oh My Friend. Below is the list of top Bollywood movies base on friendship one must watch with their friends. Top 13 Bollywood Movies about Friendship 1. It is a friendship movie showing the story of a group of friends who raise their voice against injustice done to their friend and fight for what is right. Aparshkati Khurana is Karthik Aryan’s best friend. As soon as we listen to the word friend, a different feeling, a different emotion comes in our veins. The good thing about Hindi friendship movies is that they are packed with emotions, sometimes even heightened emotions. Friendship is a God Gift, these are the people in our life, whose presence makes our lives filled with joyous moments. You can also dedicate some good old & trendy Bollywood songs to your bestie. This movie can be described by the song- tere jaisa yaar kahan, kahan aisa yaarana, yaad karegi duniya, tera mera afsaana.. Based on one of Bollywood’s favorite themes, road trips, Caravaan is a real gem on friendship. Happy friendship day. One of the most well-made movies in Bollywood, English Vinglish conveys the importance of support and acceptance that friendship provides us with. A true example of the proverb of 'friend in need'. 9- Dil Chahta Hai.

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