If you have children, then you must build the main hall and the bedroom wing, and if you don't have children, then you only need to have one bed, but remove the workbenches with the drafting table. What movers won’t move: hazardous items, perishable food, plants, pets, and irreplaceable items. I tried quicksaving and reloading, and I tried restarting, but neither worked. When I went back to the camp Yamarz wasn't there. The workbenches tag the house as "under construction" so until all of the workbenches are removed, then nobody can move in. They do this both in normal walking and in sneaking, no matter what terrain they're walking on. It's kind of like trying to walk up a really steep mountain all of the time. If I try to get on a horse, I get on but it won't move. My problem is, after choosing the Vanilla Start option in the mod alternative start, I get to Helgen normally. Foxes stand like statues as they are shot down by hunters. After I was supposed to be decapitated, but this was interrupted by the dragon, I cant move. So, I never really got that into the Hearthfire DLC even though I bought it when it got released. But then when it told me to meet Yamarz at Fallowstone cave... he wouldn't move. Really, I got it because mods tend to require DLC to work anyway (same reason why I bought Dawnguard...mods mandated it) Recently, out of boredom really, I decided to actually buy and build the plots of land on my new character, spending a better portion of the weekend doing … Like many quests in Skyrim wherein you obtain a quest item prior to starting a mission, it often leads to a fatal glitch wherein you can't finish a quest. I brawled with Vilkas at Jorrvaskr to prove my worth for the Companions, and when I left dialogue, I couldn't move. Nothing changed. I've tried running FNIS, also uninstalling and reinstalling FNIS Creature Pack. Page 1 of 3 - Skyrim characters are stiff and don't move - posted in Skyrim Mod Troubleshooting: Hey community, at first, sorry if this is the wrong section, this is my first time posting here So my problem is, like the titel says, that characters, or to be more specific, many monsters and animals, for example horses, Draugr, Falmers, Foxes, etc are stiff and dont do … Is this a bug or does Yamarz's faction change after you kill the giant? The transportation of such forbidden items is your own responsibility. • JA Talk 05:39, 10 April 2012 (UTC) Moved I have 2 beds with a dresser next to it so i dont need to build bedrooms and that should be enough for the children but the dialogue option wont come up in the dialogue options in the children dialogue options to move. Happened to me in the break of dawn. Did you know movers won’t move your pets or plants? I'm playing Skyrim on the Xbox 360, and recently my player character won't move properly. Basically, they move really jerkily, won't sprint, sometimes can't jump, refuse to move, or even move backwards. Request the list of non-allowables from your moving company to know what not to pack when moving. I can't open any menus, except for settings, and quest. So i built a second manor in the pale and want to move the kids to it, the wife can but the kids have no option saying anything about moving. All creatures / wildlife in my game seem to be frozen in place. Now there is another way but it is a big BUT and that is are they carrying lots of your stuff you can't carry if not the just kill the sob and continue ifv not the only other thin i can think of is to get something from them drop it a bit away and get them to pick it up it worked for me (to many dragon bones to carry didn't want to loose) BrenMan 94 05:31, 10 April 2012 (UTC) I don't know for certain, but that sounds correct. I can look around, but I can't jump, I can't attack and I can't switch from third-to first person. Hello, there, i started a new game, of course with a lot of mods to load. Humans behave as normal, only creatures are affected. Since I had some troll fat and a daedra heart on me, I gave the materials to Atub and went through the ritual with Yamarz and whatever. I waited an hour and when he got back to the camp the orcs began attacking him.