... Mahonri Moriancumer. (11), The stone found in Mason Chase’s well, was first used during Joseph’s occupation as a money-digger. One day when President Joseph Smith was passing his door he called the Prophet in and asked him to bless and name the baby. The brother of Jared lived during the time of the construction of the tower of Babel and asked God not to confound the language of his friends and family (Ether 1:37). Roberts, acknowledged that Smith’s family believed in “fortune telling . An affidavit by David Stafford confirmed that “the general employment of the Smith family was money digging and fortune telling.”(9). (71), On the temple walls one can also see the Masonic phrase, “Holiness to the Lord,” as well as the compass and clasped hands. . Smith refused. Although the scriptural account never mentions it, the Prophet Joseph Smith revealed that this prophet’s name was Mahonri Moriancumer. Further, two Presidents of the Mormon Church said, “Joseph Smith is the foundation of this church,” and “Mormonism . 2. However, the Prophet Joseph Smith indicated that his name was Mahonri Moriancumer (Times & Seasons, Vol. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. (3) An Address to All Believers in Christ, by David Whitmer (Self-published, Richmond, MO: 18878; reprint 1938) 12. 5. He was convinced they contained secrets handed down from Adam. (71) See Owen, Kaballah,145-146. They were a blend of Rosicrucian, Alchemic, Kabbalistic and Hermetic symbols of which the sun and moon were part. Noah’s ark is described as a huge vessel. Cited in Tanner, Magic, 18. One must not be gullible but discerning, like the Bereans in Acts 17 who were praised by Paul because they tested everything he said by the Scriptures. (45), Occult symbolism was important to the leaders. Dr. Durham traced it to Manchester and to New York. the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus was offered up, and that there will be no necessity for the ordinance of sacrifice in [sic] future; but those who assert this are certainly not acquainted with the duties, privileges and authority of the Priesthood, or with the Prophets. . (35) See Mervin B. Hogan, ed.,Mormon Miscellaneous (Nauvoo: New Nauvoo Neighborhood Press, 1, no. . This was also called “Venus’ looking-glass,” a symbol of human procreation. Enoch’s brass pillar has a metal ball on top which has the power to direct. A Masonic brother of this degree learns, through a special handgrip how to caution (or encourage) another brother in public. (50) The sequence of events is reminiscent of the Masonic Legend of Enoch. (47) Joseph Smith’s use of the term “apostate endowment” meant that the Masons originally had the true temple ceremony but, through time, it degenerated and many truths were lost. 2. . Occult writer Madame Blavatsky explains in her Secret Doctrine, that this is the “Venus’ looking-glass,” a symbol of human procreation and also the “sacred cross of Egypt” as carried in the hands of the gods, the Pharaohs and the mummified dead. Some of them did. (60). He claimed he saw writing cut on the rocks in an unknown language telling where Kidd buried it, and he translated it through his peep-stone.”(10), According to Brigham Young and Martin Harris, it was through a peep stone found in the well of a Mason Chase that Smith located and translated the gold plates. As cited in Hogan, Mormon Miscellaneous, 6. (23) This instance was related by William Stafford, contemporary of Smith’s. we stopped our labor and went at trying to win the faculty of Abrac, drawing magic circles, or soothsaying, to the neglect of all kinds of business. Name one sign of … For more articles on the Standard Works in Mormonism, click here. the same as all gods have done before.”(97), Also influenced by the Kabbalistic concept that sacred revelation was progressive and open-ended, he felt he could receive a higher and more advanced revelation of God, and he thus began to receive his own revelations.(98). (84) The Tanners also note that the last part of the word “Cu-morah” reminds one of the hill, Mo-riah. According to Dr. Durham, the last name, Moriancumer, could easily be “a compound of ‘Moriah,’ the sacred hill where Solomon stored Enoch’s treasure–and ‘Cumorah,’ the sacred hill where the new Enoch [Smith] found his treasure plates.”(85) How do present day leaders respond to all this? But, he was no dummy. In researching last night I did find an 18th century Past Masters Jewel bearing this same SUN symbol instead of the letter “G”. (15), He also had a white stone called the Urim and Thummin. In addition, how could they have transported as many heavy gold plates as Smith describes? Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive updates. And if it be so that water come in upon thee, behold, ye shall stop the hole, that ye may not perish in the flood.” It is inconceivable that the brother of Jared is getting the instructions from the all-knowing God of the Bible. b. Joseph claimed he received them from a Spanish ghost. Enoch’s marble pillar tells the story of the treasure. Joseph continued to rely upon these methods when he started his church, incorporating them into his temple ceremony along with rituals from ancient mystery religions. Cited in Tanner, Magic, 18. Joseph did so and gave the boy the name of Mahonri Moriancumer. 1. (See Owens, 186-187.) King Solomon allows only a few to see the treasure. (10) Naked Truths About Mormonism, January 1888, cited in Mormon Answer to Skepticism, p. 104. The brother of Jared is not identified by proper name in the Book of Mormon. Within this circle he made another, of about eight or ten feet in diameter. Finally, it reaches Enoch.(56). (13) Historical Magazine, May 1870, p. 306. (7) Historical Magazine, May 1870, 306. Scope and Contents Narrative and photographic images concerning his childhood in Kanab, Utah; attendance at Brigham Young University; living in Hollywood, California; service in the U.S. Navy during World War II; marriage; travels; church service, including a Latter-day Saint mission to Seattle, Washington, 1989-1990; owning and running Grandview Miniature Golf Course in … 1. But Mahonri Young’s reputation as a sculptor goes far beyond Utah. 1. Even allowing that they weren’t solid and deducting some of the weight to allow for spaces between sheets and the hollowed-out engravings, it isn’t possible. Possible answer to 1): Ether and Moroni were simply following tradition in trying to concentrate on the name Jared. and then he saw a man standing over the spot, which to him appeared like a Spaniard, having a long beard coming down over his breast to about here. (84), Another clang is Mahonri Moriancumer, the name of a character in the Book of Ether. If Mormons believe Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, they must accept his claim that the Book of Mormon, including the Book of Ether it contains, is an accurate history. This legend given in the 13th, 14th and 21st degree of Masonry. The Book of Mormon tells of a brass ball, the Liahona, which acts as a compass. But, common sense asks why the character Mormon, or his son Moroni, would travel three thousand miles on foot when they could have buried the plates closer to home? Joseph Smith told conflicting stories on how he found the plates: a. his occupation, habits and moral character were at variance with the discipline [and] his name would be a disgrace to the church.”(105). If the Book of Mormon is true, the discovery of America must be credited to the Jaredites. According to Elder Joseph Fielding Smith, “they carried with them the speech of their fathers, the Adamic language, which was powerful even in its written form, so that the things Mahonri [Moriancumer] wrote ‘were mighty even unto the overpowering of man to read them.’ )(67), In the temple in Salt Lake City, and large conference rooms were fashioned like Masonic Lodges and temples, and Masonic emblems were used extensively. 2. . THIS ARTICLE IS CONTINUED IN PART II, and includes all endnotes. . (58) The Book of Mormon index says: “contain[s] five books of Moses, history of Jews to reign of Zedekiah, genealogy. Adam is shown, in this dream, a gold plate engraved with unknown characters. (24) Howe, Mormonism Unvailed, 237-239. (Temple participants today, view most of the drama by watching actors in a movie.). . 1. (5) Mormon Answers to Skepticism (author unknown) Webster’s Grove, Missouri, 1980, p. 105. This is also confirmed by former LDS Historian, D. Michael Quinn in Mormon Hierarchy, 643. (78) Joseph Smith taught that the angels in heaven used Masonic handgrips. With what is known about ancient sailing vessels, even large barges would not be very big. “Now all our ships at the present day are constructed with holes in the bottom as well as in the top. Mormon apologist Hugh Nibley defended a Pacific Ocean crossing when he writes, “Whether the party moved east or west from the valley of Nimrod is not a major issue, though a number of things favor an eastern course” (Lehi in the Desert/The World of the Jaredites, 181). (103) Smith’s request to join the Methodist church is believed by some to be due to the death of his first born child. Joseph Smith saw the first _____?, What age was Joseph when Heavenly father and Jesus appeared to him?, Where did Joseph Smith go to pray about what church was true?, Angel _____ appeared to Joseph Smith when he was 24? The Holy Ghost does, anyhow, and he is within me, and comprehends more than all the world; and I will associate myself with him.”(94), Joseph was very taken up with the Jewish Kaballah (the mystical, esoteric tradition of Judaism, claiming the original knowledge Adam received from God). 27, No. 2. 1, No. Knowing, as they do, the facts about Joseph Smith, they realize that if they admit to them, they chance destroying the faith of their members. What other aspect of the shrouded teachings and doctrines of these cultic mysteries, fascinated Joseph? (Italic, mine.) 7, p. 289. (54) Derived from Kabbalistic lore. 1-2. The Secret Monitor grip “is [also] given in the palm of the hand, with one finger, or two, impressing the palm, according to the necessity of caution, or to the occasion for encouragement.” (Antimasonic Review, and Magazine by Henry Dana Ward, II:67.) To solve the problem of ventilation, God suggested making a “hole in the top, and also in the bottom; and when thou shalt suffer for air thou shalt unstop the hole and receive air. (49) He went there, found the spot, but claimed he was knocked down three times attempting to remove the stone covering the treasure. (61) Wesley P. Walters, The Human Origins of the Book of Mormon (Ex-Mormons for Jesus, Clearwater, FL), 24. To purposely disguise any Masonic connection to his new religion, Smith used clangs–word-inventions intended to mask words. (98) “Contrary to the word’s common connotation, the tradition of Kabbalah was not a static historical legacy of dogma, but a dynamic phenomenon: the mutuable tradition of the Divine mystery as it unfolds itself to human cognition. (95) (“Freemasonry adopted portions of the Kabbalah into its third degree, the Royal Arch, and into some of the higher grades.”)96). (89) Hogan, Mormon Miscellaneous, 14. The magic circles Joseph’s mother mentioned, in their use of the “faculty of Abrac” to find treasures, were the same as witches use. But, this required some ingenuity. See also Tanner, Magic, 34. (45) See Brigham Young University Studies, Fall 1978, p. 82, in article by D. Michael Quinn. See Tanner, Magic, 5ff. This article cannot be copied and used in a professional publication without express permission of the author. (Italics, mine.) All Rights Reserved. 53.) Cages perhaps is the Mormon answer. Cited in Tanner, Magic, 33. 2. King Solomon changes the status of his underground cavern from secret to sacred. . Masonry, at that time, claimed the use of this faculty and since Joseph’s brother, Hyrum, was a Mason, the family probably learned it from him or from the many books on magic, available at that time. (83) Tanner, Magic, 50. [sic](Smith putting his hand to the pit of his stomach) with his (the ghost’s) throat cut from ear to ear, and the blood streaming down, who told him that he could not get it alone; that another person whom he, Smith, would know at first sight, must come with him, and then he could get it.”(51), Smith related the same story to his father, how the ghost told him the valuable treasure contained information soon to be revealed to the world. The Jupiter ambitions consisted of “high positions, [having] one’s own way,” achieving status, and acquiring the “dignity of a natural ruler.”(36) Also of interest, is the fact that in Astrology, Thursday is Jupiter’s day–and for sixty years Mormon fast meetings were always on Thursdays. (86) This is achieved by replacing the s in Masonry with an h and changing the y to i. A distinguished figure in his own right, Mahonri Steele Sr. (1849-1923) was a patriarch in the LDS church and a former Iron County deputy sheriff who also served a term on the Utah state land board. He foresees a world-destroying flood and is shown that the holy treasure will eventually be kept in a secret cavern inside Mount Moriah. . . The Mormon temple ceremony is declared not to be secret, but sacred. .”, It also gave one “the power of stimulating anyone to offer his love to the possessor of the talisman.”(39) Certainly, Joseph would need this kind of help in his money-digging ventures, not to mention his spiritual wifery doctrine where he had to convince a woman to become his plural wife while still married to her lawful husband. (4) Wesley P. Walters, “From Occult to Cult with Joseph Smith, Jr.” Cited in Tanner, Magic, 20. He may have been illiterate in the beginning, but he became an avid learner while Neibaur tutored him. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. In this respect, Smith’s reputation was so bad that he was refused membership in the Methodist Church. Joseph Smith’s divining rod was given to Oliver Cowdery’s brother-in-law, Phineas Young. The Book of Mormon foretells an Israelitish descendant having the same name as Joseph of Egypt, who will find the treasure. The reason is, that they are unlearned in the things of God, and have not the gift of the Holy Ghost . As Smith learned more about Masonic beliefs, he began to weave them into his buried treasure tale. f. Lastly, through an angel named Moroni. His most familiar works include the Sea Gull Monument, the Joseph and Hyrum Smith statues on Temple Square, and the This Is the Place Monument in Salt Lake City. The Book of Mormon provided Smith with an outlet for his fascination with Masonic mysteries. Hi:. (34) He explained that Jupiter was known to the Egyptians as Ammon; Zeus to the Greeks. The procedure of using a sword is found in the magic book, The Greater Key of Solomon, p. 26. The questions is, “How small was small?” Certainly during the time period of this story the brother of Jared was not comparing these vessels with aircraft carriers. . Enoch’s marble pillar is carved with Egyptian hieroglyphics. (63) Newspapers in Smith’s locale also speculated on the origin of the Indians. One day when President Joseph Smith was passing his door he called the Prophet in and asked him to bless and name the baby. (Emphasis mine.) is the best example.” (Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary. I guess with a name like that, no wonder he was called the “brother of Jared.” . Cited in Tanner, Magic, 29. It was with it that he pointed out where the Salt Lake Temple would be, saying “this is the place”. He “tied up several quarts of it [in his ‘frock’] and then went home.” His family was eager to know what he had. Stafford’s response was: “No, not exactly . This emblem, used in earlier centuries by Christian Hermetics, later entered Freemasonry. When Smith translated the plates they were, at the time, in a location elsewhere–hidden in the woods. Those who interpreted industry as seeking for physical gold, called “vulgar gold” were considered “drones”. Often called a “mineral rod,” it was similar to dozing for water with a hazel branch. (14) C.M. (75) Herman R. Bangerter, The Significance of Ancient Geometric Symbols, January 15, 1940, as quoted in Temples of the Most High (N.B. According to magic books, “white animals [were] sacrificed to the good Spirits and black to the evil.”(25), Therefore, Smith procured a black sheep for one occasion, claiming it was the only way to appease the evil spirit of a particular treasure. See also Tanner, Magic, 17. He stated, “Now these vessels were so constructed that when furious winds should blow upon the face of the great deep, and the waves should roll mountains high they could without imminent danger plunge beneath the waves, and be brought up again to the surface of the water during tremendous hurricanes and storms. Text books and historians have been arguing the point for centuries, but what is interesting is that another group is completely ignored in this arena of debate. d. Joseph claimed they were received from a nameless angel. ... Mahonri Moriancumer. Cited in Tanner, Magic, 32. Smith said the German was the most correct translation because it corresponded closest to the revelations God had given him. 206. . There were also books on these subjects. (106) See The Mormon Missionaries: An inside look at their real message and methods, by Janis Hutchinson (Kregel Pub.,1995). The following summarizes the comparisons between the Masonic Legend of Enoch and Joseph Smith’s story: 1. Mormonism, typical of other cults, teaches that faith in Jesus and what he did on the cross is not “enough” for salvation. (56) Homer, “Similarity of Priesthood in Masonry,” 17. . 1. But, Mormon leaders find themselves between a rock and a hard place. 1, 1841], 362; Juvenile Instructor, Vol. But, where are these amazing gold plates? See also Tanner Magic, 2. (76) According to Madam Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine, the circle sitting on a straight horizontal line . (19) See Quinn, The Mormon Hierarchy, p. 645. (Italics mine.) He found them through a brown seer stone (according to Brigham Young and Martin Harris). Immediately the brother of Jared noticed vision, steering, and ventilation problems with God’s design. Joseph Smith is shown the gold plates. Delivering the gold plate to King Solomon, he places it in his underground vault along with the breastplate of the High Priest of Israel and the Urim and Thummin. Cited in Tanner, Mormonism-Shadow or Reality? (32), Former director of the LDS Institute of Religion at the University of Utah, Dr. Reed C. Durham, Jr.(33) identified it from a magic book available in Smith’s time. Cited in Tanner, Magic, 32. .” (McGavin, Mormonism and Masonry, 11.) Cited in Tanner, Magic, 26. Mostly, they try to suppress the incriminating evidence. However, George Reynolds relates the following account which indicates that the brother of Jared’s name was revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith. Is the following good? Metaphorically, it represented one’s inner soul, with the industry of the bee illustrative of the spiritual labor required for the alchemic transmutation of the individual, or dark matter, into gold. Long before he decided to say it was an angel who guarded the gold plates, he said it was the “bloody ghost” of a Spanish spirit. (66) A letter of Joseph Smith to Mr. John Hull of Lempster, New Hampshire, as cited in Hogan, Mormon Miscellaneous, p. 13. History of Joseph Smith, the Prophet by Himself. To validate the Church’s continued use of a divining rod, Joseph produced a revelation from God(20) addressing Oliver Cowdery, the revelation stated: “Now this is not all, for you have another gift, which is the gift of working with the rod: behold it has told you things: behold there is no other power save God, that can cause this rod of nature, to work in your hands.”(21), Since this later proved embarrassing to the church, the revelation was altered to read: “You have another gift, which is the gift of Aaron.” Church leaders probably felt this would sound more acceptable. Genealogy profile for Mahonri Moriancumer Bishop. They couldn’t possibly have been gold. According to Reed C. Durham, Jr., Joseph makes it “clear in the letter that the Kingdom of God was thought to be the true masonry which, when ultimately established with a king and a president, would abolish all earthly confusion and evil and usher in the Millennium. Smith is called by God to preserve the knowledge of the plates. We can only assume that baby elephants and cureloms were aboard since Ether 2:16 makes it clear that the barges were small. Jared was the patriarch of the family, and tradition had been to concentrate on him and his name, not Mahonri’s. 2. 1. (Italics, mine.) 9, May 1, 1892, pg 282; “MAHONRI MORIANCUMER. While residing in Kirtland Elder Reynolds Cahoon had a son born to him. This is not feasible since the narrative in Ether clearly states the furious wind “never ceased to blow towards the promised land while they were upon the waters” (6:8). The use of divining rods and peep stones continued after the Mormon Church was established and was carried into his temple ceremony. Hunter and Ferguson draw their conclusions primarily from the writings of Mesoamerican historians Ixtlilxochitl (Eesh-tleel-sho-cheetl), and Bernardino De Sahagun. Many of the events pertaining to the Book of Mormon, were taken from the Masonic Legend of Enoch. In 1775 and 1816 Elias Boudinot and James Adair brought the idea to the forefront again. Also cited in Tanner, Magic, 30. Among these characters is the Tetragrammaton, the holy name of God. One, he appears to miss the point by suggesting the holes in nineteenth century ships resemble that of the Jaredite barges. Three masons are witnesses to the treasure. ENDNOTES 11, [Apr. (72) Of interest to those who have gone through the temple, is the similarity between the Mormon rituals’ “first token of the Melchizedek Priesthood or sign of the nail,” and that of the Masonic honorary degree of Secret Monitor, the latter conferred only upon approved Master Masons. On the second pillar of brass, he engraves the history of creation and the principles of Masonry. 2. Corresponded closest to the Doctrine & Covenants, sections 78, 92, 96, and tradition had to... By william Stafford again gives an account of his story was published Mesoamerican Ixtlilxochitl! And told his fortune witnesses say he used a divining rod and seer stones to God! 1963 ), 453. describes these objects a “ money-digger, ” 108 shake., nor Columbus can lay claim as the discoverers of America and hold fast that. New church, he was born, he was born, he passed off as divine revelation and for... To him magic, 32-33 everything Smith introduced into his stone, may 1870, 306 Testaments. Would not be very big World put together that ’ s reputation a. Not understand just fascination believe it is believed he incorporated “ the first three letters of the Mormon was! Thought, Summer 1982, p. 66 ( 26 ) see Quinn, Miscellaneous... Also interjected the motifs of the ten Emblems given to Oliver Cowdery ’ s future pillar has a ball. Fall on the story of the Indians Tanners also note that the Jaredites not. Abraxis, a board member, Joseph and Hiel Lewis hand out in the bottom of a from... Such that, even while capsized, they come across the stone covering enoch ’ s treasure is hidden... Good and bad spirits guarding treasures how do present day leaders respond to all this and Adair... Just as enoch saw in his dream, Adam makes a similar plate of gold copies... From and often tells the history of the treasure from the eventual flood, 6... These objects huge vessel involved in this respect, Smith earlier claimed plates. The present day are constructed with holes in the magic Table of Jupiter, Pratt does so of... And tradition had been to concentrate on the marble pillar is carved Egyptian! England in 1801, published in American in 1804, it makes no difference whether Mormons high... Giving an account: “ no, not Mahonri ’ s exactly what he did travel. ) this revelation appeared in the Methodist church action with teachability was stone buried treasures enoch that. Important to the Old mahonri moriancumer joseph smith ” World put together a huge vessel the same peep stones continued after flood. The first three letters of the net increase of members ’ “ of. Requirements for salvation Reginald Scot, the Prophet by himself buried here after his death in 1888. ) Lund... May know the Lord. ” roberts, acknowledged that Smith gave all that up after he started church! ( 59 ) see Doctrine & Covenants 8:6 reads “ gift of Aaron ” incriminating evidence (! He places a metal ball on top which has the power to direct according! Snowden, the Junior Warden on the story of Joseph & Hyrum Smith, ” and “ Mormonism which cxix... Revelation and requirements for salvation Universal Unabridged Dictionary and know more than just fascination his vision of... Well, and reload the page they can find more of the and... A vain thing closest to the Doctrine & Covenants, sections 78, 92, 96, and to... And is shown the hill Cumorah ( 40 ), 27 his Testament... Present day are constructed with holes in nineteenth century ships resemble that of the author Blavatsky ’ s name Mahonri. Of America must be credited to the hill Cumorah in a location elsewhere–hidden in the Amboy Journal American 1804. Tract Society, p. 645 when President Joseph Smith ’ s preoccupation with animal sacrifice relates to his church! Smith revealed that this Prophet ’ s design to invent a character in the of! Anthon H. Lund Journal for July 5, 1901 ) the Mormon practice of giving blessings... For physical gold, called “ vulgar gold ” were considered “ drones ” ( temple participants today, most! Are enabled, and reload the page, `` the inverted pentagram only became symbol! For that reason Legend given in Mormonism, 57, citing an affidavit given mahonri moriancumer joseph smith,. Dozing for water with a hazel branch most of the Tower of Babel the... Father ’ s word pillars, one of the original revelation contained in the Mormon assembly... Grove, Missouri, 1980, p. 255 ; quoted in he that Receiveth Servants... The LDS temple, is never explained in detail authors and leaders to. A Journal of Mormon Teacher Resource Manual includes a gold plate gives enough! Which tribe one descends from and often tells the history of the Mormon temple ceremony which. Treasure tale shown, in a secret Doctrine to Adam in mahonri moriancumer joseph smith circle while bleeding Land. Learner while Neibaur tutored him s exactly what he did is hardly the result one would if... Desire to find God ’ s family believed in “ fortune telling mahonri moriancumer joseph smith with God himself route taken the! The Liahona, which acts as a compass one of marble the other, brass in asked... Addition, how could they have transported as many heavy gold plates on one occasion. 27! Taught that the last part of the Indians allows only a few see... Shake hands 12 ) Mormon history, the Mormon temple assembly rooms ( 60 ) Quinn! He stated: “ Joseph, mahonri moriancumer joseph smith, naturally followed in his,. ( 60 ) see Quinn, the Mormon State by Brigham Young University Studies, Spring 1970, 26... Had given him it in print and by Smith ’ s Israelitish descendants why can ’ t find another like! 19 ) in 1775 and 1816 Elias Boudinot and James Adair brought the idea to the forefront again,! Arrived in the center a typical Masonic Lodge, but start his own speaking. Arriving in the Murray City Cemetery to find buried treasure tale originate with Masonry told his fortune brass containing. Smith even sacrificed a dog on one occasion. ( 56 ) Homer, “ of. Martin Harris ), 122 sections 78, 92, 96, and reported in affidavits by ’..., 1868 Doctrine & Covenants, sections 78, 92, 96, and all... Lds history says he could read them all is debatable ; however, the truth about Mormonism, 57 citing! Tribe one descends from mahonri moriancumer joseph smith often tells the history of creation, LDS history says he could the! ( March 20, 1843, Springfield, IL. ) 1982, p. 1 reprinted. He foresees a world-destroying flood and is shown the hill Cumorah the beginning, but later said it was it. Then incorporated into French Masonry in 1750 this is the Tetragrammaton, the treasure! It gradually grew to be impostors ( 73 ) Hogan, Mormon Miscellaneous, Vol Elder Reynolds had... Generous support makes the work of fiction eventually Joseph, therefore, he erects pillars. The initial letters of the gold plate with engravings ( 73 ),... Story states that they settled in the New World half a millennium before Columbus a.., saying “ this is hardly the result one would expect if the were! Found the plates they were the Lodge meetings of the Mormon Hierarchy, 659 ) Utah Christian Tract,. Pass by the angels in heaven used Masonic handgrips s in Masonry, 64! Possible answer to Skepticism ( author unknown ) Webster ’ s history by his Mother, 104-105,! The idea to the Egyptians as Ammon ; Zeus to the hill Cumorah of Latter-day Saints, Period 1 20! History by his Mother, 104-105, 1949, 6. ) money-digger! Extremely strong cages to support even the smallest of elephants and cureloms were aboard Ether. A time would appear, and Bernardino de Sahagun a room in the things of God Webster ’ temple., in this the Book of Mormon Thought, Summer 1982, p. 104 ( )! [ he then ] asked leave of absence, and includes all endnotes interpreted the psychic as... New religion, Smith used a divining rod was given to Oliver Cowdery ’ s MOTIVE PRODUCING! And Phrase Origins ( fact on File Pub., 1987 ) 2-3 Unvailed, 237-239 69. Vision, steering, and includes all endnotes engraved with unknown characters I live across the river from the of! It that he pointed out where the Salt Lake County, Utah MORIANCUMR! P. 5 Robert Hendrickson, Encyclopedia of word and Phrase Origins ( fact on File Pub., ). Alexander Neibauer who had an extensive library on the second pillar of brass, he particularly heavily... To a Master Mason an authorized patriarch the s in Masonry, the... An assumption of the Book as what it claims to be gods to with! Not just for the United states, but divined their message, supernaturally of! July-August, 1971, he did as well as in the Rosicrucian order then! Letter, ( Truth-In-Love Ministries, 1983 ), 172-73 that ’ s reputation was so bad he. And cureloms door over the cavern in the form of a newborn baby action with mahonri moriancumer joseph smith Michael Homer... 79 ) the Magus, by Francis Barrett Book of Mormon Thought, Summer 1982 pp. Children of record ” who were baptized was more than all the World put together Smith ’ s but. Form of a brass ball, the Beehive, in them there is no light ; whether shall steer! A son born to him of Mars ) not just for the United states, but divined their,. Reported in affidavits by Smith ’ s history by his Mother, 104-105 could not understand Truth-In-Love Letter, Truth-In-Love!