This is because Perfect Temp. Notifications are color coded to indicate their importance, with red being most critical, followed by orange and so on. Program your thermostat to set the heating set-point even lower when you will not be home. It has the ability to connect to other iComfort® E30 devices running Lennox software to create a special Lennoxmanaged local network. These peak periods are represented in the time of energy use (peak load) or with dynamic pricing (peak price). Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. Move the knob to view a specific day / hour The temperature and humidity values represent the average for the day / hour. Also, when Feels Like is turned on and you change the temperature set-point, you’re specifying what temperature you would like your house to feel at. Phone Heat Pump Only  4. 3. Can I have my iComfort® Wi-Fi and iComfort® E30 in the same App? Heating  2. With Dual fuel when 2nd stage runs, it will turn off 1st stage heating and run only on 2nd stage.If your AUX lockout temp is 40°F/4.4°C, then auxiliary heat will come on when the outdoor air temperature drops below 40°F/4.4°C. Lastly, choose an existing home if you already have one or tap the "Add New Home" to create a new home. Similarly, when in heating, lower your heating set-point to the lowest temperature which you can be comfortable. You can go in your thermostat, mobile app, or web portal, to menu > settings > general > dealer info > dealer access to set the level of access you wish to grant to your dealer. Envisacor Technologies Inc. Alternatively, you can add your new iComfort® M30 Smart Thermostat to your account by using the web portal or mobile app, by entering a pin you generate on the thermostat. You can also rename traditional schedules and restore them to their factory default settings. When Feels Like is turned on, your iComfort® E30 will display this temperature. The indoor unit blower motor will not start. Online access to your iComfort® system. You can change the home name and address in your thermostat, mobile app, or web portal, under menu > settings > home info. You can change your thermostat’s display settings from the thermostat under menu > settings > display. Yes, as long as your thermostat is connected to Wi-Fi, you can manage and control your thermostat remotely via the iComfort® M30 web portal at Partially locked means you’re only able to edit and change set-points. Alternatively, you can add your new iComfort® S30 Smart Thermostat to your account by using the web portal or mobile app, by entering a pin you generate on the thermostat. If you have Perfect Temp. You can un-enroll your thermostat from your provider’s demand response program by selecting Menu > Settings > Peak Monitoring > Peak Monitoring Settings > Factory Reset Peak Monitoring Settings. Secondary 24VAC power to the damper control module is low.        . Heat sink temperature sensor fault has occurred (temperature less than 4 ºF or greater than 264 ºF after 10 minutes of operation). Why does Alexa say “I’m sorry I couldn’t find a device or group name (device name)"? Each requires separate purchase of Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. If you have purchased iHarmony zoning, then you’ll be able to control the temperature in certain areas or rooms of the house, also called zones, with the same system. Heat Pump Only  4. Get in-depth information on Lennox iComfort® S30 Thermostats including detailed technical specifications. Below is an example image of what a Smart Hub looks like. Runtime would be 100% for this case. Primary 24VAC power to a system component control is lower than the required range of 18 to 30VAC. For example, if you edit "Winter" schedule in system "Upstairs", and you would like to apply the same change for system “Downstairs”, you would need to edit “Winter” schedule for system “Downstairs” too (via modes/schedules > schedules > edit schedules). enabled, then you’ll see only one knob to control the single set-point for the desired temperature in your home. The reporting component cannot find earth ground. Press the thermostat icon with “+” button and your will enter the "Add iComfort. Inverter heat sink temperature exceeded limit. Remote Capability - When used with a smartphone or other web-enabled deviceWeather-On-Demand - Allows the to view forecasts and air quality conditions in your areaPrecise Comfort® Plus – Holds a home’s temperature to within 0.5 degree or better when used with premium Lennox® equipment 1. The thermostat controls the temperature in your house by turning the one stage system on and off. iComfort S30 thermostat pdf manual download. Runtime can be analogous to how much distance a car ran without accounting for its fuel efficiency. Heat Pump + Electric Heat  2. Mobile version of the Connect2Go Portal for DSC and Honeywell Security Systems . When a schedule is selected, the home screen indicates which schedule is running.   Exclusive HVAC eTools Why does my Smart Thermostat say "Transitioning To Next Schedule"? Here is a list of possible alert and warning codes and what they mean: Most HVAC systems are one stage systems. ASHRAE 62.2 is a national standard that provides methods for achieving acceptable indoor air quality in typical residences. “ For furnace and A/C systems the following Runtime parameters are displayed  1. What is the range of the proximity sensor? Have a account? Your system is in the OFF mode. Why does my iComfort® accessory show “No Response” / “Unreachable”? Fan values runtime represent when the fan ran alone without heating or cooling. You can purchase iComfort® E30 from an authorized Lennox dealer. In the monthly report, you only get runtime values for the previous month. The iHarmony® zoning system allows you to change the temperature throughout the house or change it in specific areas or rooms of the house. Make sure your home wifi network is up and has internet connection. Log in to the iComfort® M30 web portal. 2: Then tap settings button on the pop-up (these are your system settings). Your system will automatically go into Away Mode. Depending on your equipment, you may have different humidification and/or dehumidification options available. A two stage system operating at 25% demand will run the first stage 50% of the time. When this occurs, you’ll see a status message on the home screen that says “Ambient Lockout”. To view the weather forecast in your area and current outdoor air quality conditions, simply tap on the weather icon in the home screen. Cat # : X5577 Model/Part # TH6110D1005. In your thermostat, go to menu > settings > account to change your account information such as name, billing address, email address, password and other settings. How do I re-register my iComfort thermostat? ? Google T3007ES Nest 3rd Gen. Learning Thermostat - … Yes, your iComfort® S30 will dehumidify, humidify or do both according to your humidity settings and equipment installed. What can I do to reduce cooling or heating demand? 1: Tap is the menu button on the thermostat: Smart Away works for any user in the home that has a mobile phone/tablet with Global Positioning System (GPS) and a data plan by setting geofences around the home. Cielo WiGle Inc. Control & Manage your Air Conditioner from anywhere, anytime. MRCOOL SmartHVAC. You can select 1 hour, 2 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours or a Custom option. In your mobile app or web portal, you can tap/click on your email address on the top right and then “View Account”. Your fan button may look disabled or grayed-out, if so, you can tap on it and a pop-up will display explaining why (it may be due to Allergen Defender or Perfect Temp. ASUS The furnace gas valve relay contact is closed. How do I set-up Wi-Fi on the iComfort® E30 Smart Thermostat? Navigate to the desired photo and select it. Therefore, a prompt dialog will appear asking you for how long to overwrite the schedule. If your system is currently running a schedule, iComfort® could start working earlier than expected to achieve the desired temperature at the specified time in the schedule that is currently running. The furnace high pressure switch is failing to close. There are two types of lock screens: "Partially" locked and fully "Locked". These are dealer only configuration settings screens in the thermostat. Too many siblings (the system is limited to no more than five (5) Smart Hubs in a local Wi-Fi network). Introducing four new features to the iComfort S30 that help control a home’s environment. How do I unlock the iComfort® S30 Smart Thermostat display? And it is located here on the iComfort® E30 Mobile App: If you add an iComfort® using the iComfort® E30 Mobile App or via the web portal, you’ll need to generate a pin on your thermostat under menu > settings > account. At outdoor temperatures below the low balance point, only the auxiliary heat source is allowed to run. Website. My system … The compressor ran for less than three minutes to satisfy a thermostat demand. 3. Diagram 2 below shows a home with one system and iHarmony zoning. When Allergen Defender is working, you’ll see a status message on the home screen saying “Allergen Defender is working”. So after searching long and wide, all over the place, no S30 driver exists... and of … How can I use Automation to control my iComfort® accessories via HomeKit? You may notice that the fan button is disabled or grayed out in the select modes screen (screen 1). What Lennox equipment is compatible with iComfort® E30? How do I add a new iComfort® S30 Smart Thermostat to my existing account? In your thermostat, go to menu > settings > account to change your account information such as name, billing address, email address, password and other settings. Under menu > settings > account, you can create a new iComfort® S30 account by following the instructions on the screen. If you add an iComfort® using the iComfort® S30 Mobile App or via the web portal, you’ll need to generate a pin on your thermostat under menu > settings > account. How do I turn off the monthly performance report email? With Smart Away, you’ll never have to put your home in Away Mode when you leave your house or remember to adjust your thermostat temperature when you come home. To find a dealer near you, click here: The iComfort® S30, iComfort® E30, and iComfort M30 smart thermostats are compatible with IFTTT, allowing for even greater comfort control. Why does Alexa say “I can only set the temperature between (X) and (Y) degrees”? Here is an example of how you receive a reminder. The system has been heating for at least 15 minutes without a demand for heating. How do I add a new iComfort® E30 Smart Thermostat to my existing account? Incorrect appliance unit size code selected. 3) In the edit schedules screen, you can select which schedule you would like to edit. Compatibility with Alexa makes comfort even easier. Lennox 12U67 iComfort S30 Ultra Smart Programmable Thermostat, Geo-Fencing, Remote Access, Wi-Fi and Alexa Enabled - - 2. You can set up your HomePod, Apple TV 4K, Apple TV (4th generation), or iPad as a home hub. Defrosting happens when the temperature outside gets too cold, or if there is ice and the system cannot use the heat pump (if your system has a heat pump). All positive reviews › Bryan. You can change or set your home location under menu > settings > home info. Is there someone at Control4 we can contact about prioritizing this development? There is a problem with the air-handler's third stage electric heat. What is the difference between a system and a zone? Troubleshooting tips; Go to menu> advance settings> view dealer control center> equipment and press reset all equipment. No store found for that zipcode and search radius, iComfort S30 Smart Hub Controller (Version 2.0), Lennox iComfort S30 Ultra Smart Programmable Thermostat, 7" HD Display, Lennox Thermostat Mag-Mount Wall Base for iComfort S30 and E30. In your mobile app or web portal, you can tap/click on your email address on the top right and then “View Account”. For example, if you set your heat set point to 60ºF and your cooling set point to 80ºF at the thermostat itself, then you have established a temperature range of 20 degrees. Please refer to the related questions below for the meaning of "demand" and "runtime". Updating Price... Add To Cart. It is divided into 3 sections: 1. Click on Performance Report. What does it mean when it says PureAir S is calibrating? At this time the iComfort S30 and E30 can upload one picture. We recommend you don’t try to fix the issue yourself! A photo upload screen will appear that will let you browse for a photo on your computer or mobile device. Runtime would be 100% for this case. 1. Cooling  6. The goal is to heat the outdoor unit to evaporate the water. allows you to set only one set-point instead of two (for heating and cooling). Select photo and a screen will appear asking you to either accept or reject/delete the photo. In August 2015, Lennox introduced iComfort® S30 smart thermostat, offering energy savings, comfort and peace of mind to homeowners as well as ease of installation and service to dealers. Tap on the menu button on the top right. What is Emergency Heat, and where do I turn it on? The thermostat cannot find a … The iComfort® Wi-Fi and iComfort® M30 have different mobile Apps and consumer web portals. In the home screen, tap the Away button on the bottom left corner. Your monthly summary report displays the average demand for each component in your system. What features or advantages does the iComfort® S30 Smart Thermostat offer? Alternatively, on the mobile app, you can also go to menu > settings > away. For example, you can create a scene called "Arrive home" to set multiple iComfort thermostats in your home to desired setpoints. Alternatively, you can change the zone name under menu > settings > iHarmony zoning and choosing the zone you would like to rename. When paired with premium Lennox furnaces, the iComfort S30 can increase or decrease heat output in increments as small as 1%, so you always use just enough fuel to stay warm. A two stage system operating at 50% demand runs first stage 100% of the time. Unit low pressure is below the required limit. Balanced Temperature and Humidity. is turned on. After a hold is set, the dialog disappears and a “Schedule Hold” status message will appear on the home screen along with a cancel option should you choose to revert back to the schedule. The outside temperature is below the level where the heat pump is programmed to heat the home. Includes: Lennox iComfort E30 High Definition Display 3.0, iComfort E30 Smart Hub Controller, and Lennox iComfort S30 Wall Base Plate. Model No. Which mobile devices work with my E30 thermostat and app? With an Air Handler with electrical heat, when 2nd stage runs it will run in conjunction with 1st stage. For S30 systems that are used with non-communicating HVAC systems the runtime is calculated based on the relay setting in the EIM (Equipment Interface Module) You can view runtime information for your system in the web portal for iComfort® M30, under menu >performance report, or in the monthly email performance report. The W output has reported more than five errors. Select day or hour at the top 2. A system component has lost communication with the system. How do I reset the life for my filter or purifier? To access your iComfort® E30 performance report on demand: 1. Your installations went faster and smoother. System component control parameters are corrupted. Below is an example image of what a Smart Hub looks like. Zone 1 is the actual thermostat itself. Raising or lowering the temperature is not supported when using a Perfect Temp or Schedule mode. What features or advantages does the iComfort® M30 Smart Thermostat offer? The Lennox iComfort S30, E30 and M30 thermostat doesn’t just control temperatures like a conventional thermostat, it automatically adapts to individual lifestyles and to the changing environment to help deliver the ultimate in comfort, energy savings and peace of mind. 4. The Wi-Fi routers we recommend for use with iComfort® E30 are the following: The system has not been able to turn on the cooling for more than 45 minutes. These settings will then apply to all zones within that system. Relay W1 failure (IFC and AHC modes only). Lennox iComfort S30 Ultra Smart Programmable Thermostat, 7" HD Display. You can restart the Smart Hub by pressing and holding the center Lennox button for more than 5 seconds. At this time, Amazon asserts that Amazon Echo devices are not available for purchase in all countries. You can also tap on the zone name above the temperature control (a.k.a., horseshoe) to see a pop-up with the list of zones (or systems) in your home. Minimum chance of false alarm being shown. The furnace high pressure switch is stuck closed. You may have purchased a humidifier or a dehumidifier or you may have both. There is an issue with the air-handler's first stage electric heat. Cooling  5. For iPhone and iPad users, you can use Siri to change temperature settings, adjust humidity levels, and other HVAC system settings. Change it to one of the other modes. Make sure your AppleTV / iPad / HomePod is setup as a home hub and running the latest firmware. Climate IQ© - Monitors current climate conditions and automatically removes excess humidity when necessary. An air handler is usually a furnace or a blower coil. Explore the Special Features section on the iComfort S30 Smart Thermostat