If your Android device or other device synced with your Google Contacts, then you can transfer using this way. If you formatted your iPhone to factory defaults or accidentally removed your Gmail account from your device, you can easily readd Google to your smartphone and resync your data in minutes. Losing a contact stored on your iPhone can be a panic-inducing experience, but a quick trip to iCloud will restore your lost contacts. I’m going to assume you haven’t set up a Google account on your iPhone yet. Go to the Contacts App. Let's take a … The good news is that transferring contacts, music, photos, videos and apps from an Android phone to iPhone really couldn't be simpler - it turns out that Google is great at this stuff. These are the proven ways to import Google contacts to iPhone. Of course, you should have a backup beforehand or you may create a new one instead. You can easily backup contacts to Google Drive from your Android and iPhone both the devices. Step 1: Begin with opening the menu and directly moving to “Settings”. Here is how to restore the backup that Syncdocs makes. For iPhone users who work for an organization that relies on G Suite, it's actually pretty simple to port your Google account contacts to your smartphone. Click “Choose File” 4. Since restoring directly from Google Drive to iPhone is impossible, you will need an Android device and the iPhone you are transferring the WhatsApp messages to. Step 5 To select multiple files to back up, go to the file manager instead of the app. Don’t worry, I am going to explain How to create a backup and restore the contacts, call logs and SMS with photos. We at … Obviously, being able to restore your contacts list after it’s been wiped out is fantastic. Is there any solution to retrieve deleted Google Backup Contacts? In this way, you can protect your contacts from being … Step 2: Tap on the Google logo to create a new Google account. The Bottom Line. Afterward, you will see the Google contacts shown in the list. Here is another way to extract the Google Drive files that are permanently deleted- ask Google Drive Support team to help you. So, let us have a look at the method by which we can backup contacts to Google Drive. How to Transfer iPhone Contacts by Restoring an iCloud Backup . Choose the Backup file. Step 2: Select the chat, which you wish to transmit and select the name of the group chat or select the name of the contacts that are displayed on the top. Whenever you want to restore the data, just download that archive file from the Google Drive and restore. How to Restore Contacts from iPhone without iCloud Backup. Then select “save to Google drive”. Select from "Disconnect from Drive" or "Delete hidden app Data". Then you won’t be data lost or lost contact if your iPhone / iPad missing. Make sure you’re signed into the correct Google account. Limitations of Google Contact restoration. • You must have already synced your contacts with your Gmail account sometime before. That includes photos, contacts and calendar. The good news is that you can restore contacts you have deleted; the bad news is that you can only undo changes to your contacts up to 30 days after they happen. After you've done the ‘backup iPhone to external hard drive' part, if you still can't restore data, go for dr.fone - Phone Backup (iOS), the best alternative solution. To this end, Android and iPhone WhatsApp have both launched built-in … Compatible with all versions of iOS, including iOS 11, dr.fone will easily help you backup all your data and also restore them! WhatsApp Transfer has been a hot issue, since WhatsApp is now a smash-hit instant messaging app available for Android and iPhone users. FoneDog Toolkit- iOS Data Recovery will recover the deleted contacts straight from the iPhone device so better not use your mobile once you have discovered that your contacts were gone. Free Download Free Download. #2 How to Restore Backup from Google Drive. Go to the Contacts app on your iPhone and now you will see your Google contacts here. 4/5 Restore contacts on iPhone from Google Contacts or Outlook Contacts. After you have backed up your data to your Google account then you can restore it easily. If you've lost your iPhone contacts, calendar, files, or reminders; this guide will help you restore your information from your backup onto your device. How to download your contacts from Google on an Android phone. Step 1: Open the lock of your iOS device and touch on the application of WhatsApp by opening it. Part 3. Select Accounts, then select Google. These apps automatically create a backup of contacts, call logs, and SMS and then save it on your Google Drive. • … What should you do if you deleted some Google backup contacts by accident? Add a new account, choose Google, and log-in with your account details. Tap on the "Delete" option to erase all the Viber backup available on Google Drive. Restore WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone in 2 Steps. We show you how to do it. All your iPhone contacts are now saved on Google as well. You can avoid the restoring process if you learn to sync your contacts automatically to Google account. Step 1: On your iPhone, go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts, and select Add Account. UPDATE: If you want to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, you can try this. Select the backup file that Syncdocs made. In this part I will introduce how to flexibly restore WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone. But before you backup your photos and videos, ensure that your iPhone … To do this, you need to go to your device’s Mail, Contacts, and Calendar Settings. Select “Import” to restore your Contacts 3. But, don’t worry because I am gonna show you that how to backup contacts to Google Drive on Android and iPhone both the devices. Beyond the contact syncing process from the last section, iCloud can also make a backup of the data on your iPhone and then restore that backup onto a different iPhone. If you want to download more than contacts but also other data to iPhone, you can choose to restore the entire iCloud backup to your iPhone. 1. Step 8. When you purchase your new Android smartphone and sign in with your Google account, and the contacts sync is enabled by default, then all your contacts will automatically show up on your Android device too. How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, the easy way; Or else in here. There's a big difference between them though, and that is the flexibility — iOS Data Recovery allows to retrieve iPhone contacts from iTunes selectively, while restoring via iTunes, you're restoring the entire backup, with no right to know what contacts are included in it. Google Contacts is a great alternative to iCloud Contacts to sync contacts between iPhones or iPhone and Android. FoneDog Toolkit - iOS Contacts Backup & Restore is a professional program that efficiently manages all phone data through ‘backup and restores’ option. How to Restore WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone and Android. This made easy when you add your Google account to a device then the data that you backed up is restored to your device. This is in your “My Google Docs” , … Related: How to Export iPhone Contacts to VCF & Excel/CSV File. This means is effective especially when the files are missing from Google Drive for unknown reasons. Google Contacts is an online address book, which integrate with Gmail, Calendar, Drive as well as other Google products. The close connection between Google Contacts and Gmail helps users add information to Contacts directly from your mail. Restore iPhone Contacts from Gmail Restoring iPhone contacts from Gmail does not require any PC, iTunes, or iCloud and can be done using your phone only. Be aware that all the existing data on the iPhone will be erased and replaced with the iCloud backup. Google backup is a service that uses Google drive to back up your information onto Google’s online server. This is a pretty straightforward process. How to import Google contacts on iPhone. https://www.wikihow.com/Import-Contacts-from-Gmail-to-Your-iPhone If you already have, then skip to the next section. Free Download Now, you can try to backup and restore your iPhone contacts in a few clicks. Learn them and you will no need to go through the steps to restore contacts from Google account. This software is able to back up the entire device to the computer without any data loss and no overwriting issues. It is not possible to restore your WhatsApp chats from a Google Drive backup to your iPhone, because iOS devices do not connect to the Google Drive. To restore from your Google Drive backup, you’ll need to be signed into your Android phone or tablet with the same account you were using when you backed up your messages.. To find out which account you’re using, open the Settings app (the gray gear icon in the app drawer). We use WhatsApp for social communication or business contacts almost every day, so this app must keep a lot of valuable conversations. Almost every day we use WhatsApp for social communication or business contacts, so there must be tons of valuable WhatsApp conversations that you want to come along with you when … Log into your GMail account and select “Contacts” 2. Google Drive backs up your iPhone photos to Google Photos. Both methods can help you restore iPhone contacts from iTunes backup file. You might already know that you can sync your contacts with Google or Outlook as well. Long press on the files you want to upload and tap “share”. However, the process still needs a few preconditions to be met which are as below: Preconditions • You must have access to your Gmail account. To restore data from Google Drive to you phone, log in Google Drive on your Android phone and tap each file you want to download. Restoring WhatsApp chats from Google Drive is only possible with the phones that are running on Android operating systems. You may turn off the Wi-Fi or mobile data and turn on the Airplane mode if you must. Here's how: Restore Contacts from iCloud to iPhone. Select Google Contacts. It’s step guide I below which is as simple as ABC. How to Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive to iPhone or Android phone has always been a hot topic, as WhatsApp is now a popular instant messaging app for Android and iPhone users. Here are some methods to find Google Backup Contacts with ease. This is a great option to restore WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone is not possible. Alternate Method: iPhone Contacts Sync App For iOS. Similarly, your contacts and calendar get backed up to Google Contacts and Calendar respectively.