Sharon Perlmutter started this petition to Gree International Entertainment and 1 other. The Dragon Soul[2] is the pinnacle of the Cataclysm expansion,[3] was released in Patch 4.3.0 at the end of 2011. It is here that the remaining aspects -- Alexstrasza, Ysera, Nozdormu, Kalecgos, and Thrall -- have gathered to empower the Dragon Soul -- Azeroth's last chance to stop the great behemoth. Players have to fight his claws, wings, tail alone and the tentacles. I have two theories on why this is: 1) I didn't deal the killing blow, so it's not mine to absorb or 2) there were other hostiles around so the absorb action didn't take place. This relates to server reset times and the abilities of guilds to acquire more output-enhancing gear (making a Spine kill more achievable). Meanwhile, customers who along with Dragon Ball Online Thank you. I realise this is a bit of a visual mess, but allow me to unpack it a little. Uniquement Invocable Spécialement par l'effet d'un Monstre Xyz de Type Dragon en votre possession, et non Invocable Spécialement autrement. Warmaster Blackhorn And this variation in ranking is carried through when you look at shifts in rankings and raid size. The Adult"Dragon Rulers" all have these effects and/or traits: 1. As a little aside, it took Paragon 28 days exactly to complete a full 8/8 clear of Tier 13. Spine of Deathwing The pact specified that Durnehviir was to serve as the keeper of the Soul Cairn, and guard Valerica until her event… Epoch Hunter, Rage Winterchill Jon Brodkin - Jan 30, 2019 4:50 pm UTC Now they have rallied at Wyrmrest Temple in a desperate attempt to use the might of the Dragon Soul against Deathwing himself. Infinite Corruptor (heroic) Good afternoon. Asira Dawnslayer User Info: Joker4515. This graph compares time spent on the Spine heroic encounter as compared to time spent by the same guilds on the Ragnaros heroic encounter. To illustrate: I should note here, however, that despite the overall race moving faster in Tier 13, it actually took both DREAM Paragon and Kin Raiders about 20 days to accomplish a full clear on both Tier 12 and 13, respectively, which suggests that while more guilds are moving faster, 20 days may be the fastest a guild can, theoretically, complete a first-time full clear of a new instance—at least if they are Tier 12 and 13. PerBlue is an independent mobile games studio based in Madison, Wisconsin. Note on the data: When I pulled the data around two days ago, we had only 22 guilds at 8/8, so all of my notes and charts relate to progress as of that point (Jan 6th). This is not surprising considering that Russian raiders tend to top the global achievement rankings. Posted on: Nov 29, 2011 ... pls tell me are is work now i think they also shut down ? So, what really did happen in Dragon Soul so far? With all the delays, different server up times in the various regions and speculation on who REALLY downed what the fastest, it's been a very hectic race. But I digress…Bottom line is that things are moving faster. As soon as you get those, you can evolve your hero and it will get an extra star. Some have improved (Kin Raiders going from 11th to 1st, for example) and others have dropped (such as Envy from 3rd to 13th). Characters will progress through Dragonblight, where Deathwing's forces are besieging the Wyrmrest Temple; the Eye of Eternity, the former sanctum of Malygos; and the trek through the ocean into the Maelstrom. It’s not to say that these reasons are unprecedented in nature, however. Was it harder than Firelands, was Spine the real endboss, was Madness really THAT easy? This debuff is not present in the Raid Finder Dragon Soul encounter. Tier 13 is proving to be an interesting race. News of the game shutting down on September 26, 2013 came from a post on the official site. (lore) Thrall and the Dragon Soul are now nearby Wyrmrest Temple and raiders begin by attempting to relieve the beleaguered Aspects under siege by the Twilight's Hammer, the Twilight dragonflight and the Black dragonflight. It makes a pretty picture. The time between the Paragon and Method kills of Madness heroic was 18 minutes, with Paragon securing what can only be described as the raiding race equivalent of a “photo finish” to win the 4th place spot over their classic rivals. Players can opt out of the debuff by speaking to Lord Afrasastrasz at the beginning of the raid. Hagara the Stormbinder It took an additional 14 days for there to be 22 guilds at 7/7 in the Tier 12 race. All bosses in Dragon Soul are now awarding both guild XP and reputation when defeated, in normal and Heroic raid difficulties. Once the drakes are defeated the Aspects begin to empower the Dragon Soul with their own energies. After a bit of fighting I kill him and gain a dragon soul but, The soul didn't unlock one of my shouts. Mannoroth and Varo'then, Arcurion I’d say that graph indicates that the Korean server guilds had the most significant improvements (an example is that three of the top 22 ranked Tier 13 guilds from Korea were ranked 282nd, 512th, and 574th in Tier 12), while EU server guilds have had the more noticeable drops. With their focus on the Dragon Soul, Deathwing sends his ultimate minion  Ultraxion to finish them off - the ultimate Twilight dragon experiment who is meant to cause the Hour of Twilight by slaying the Dragon Aspects at this juncture. Once inside Wyrmrest Tyrygosa explains that Deathwing has summoned extremely powerful Faceless ones to assault the Temple as well, and Maws of the Old Gods are erupting from the nearby earth. Allow me to demonstrate with this comparison between the top 52 raiding guilds in Tier 12 and the top 52 in Tier 13. Looking aheadSo what does this all mean? Community Portal and How to Help: 100px: DragonSoul News Blogs Stash42 • 15 April 2017. In fact, a quick comparison of the top 40 ranked guilds in Tier 12 as compared to Tier 13 shows that not one guild has retained its previous ranking. Expensive stuff at the time but shouldn't be too expensive now. We make free-to-play midcore RPG and Strategy games played by millions of people around the world. Warlord Zon'ozz 2. Only one guild so far has gained the Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider achievement, the 7th ranked Russian guild Exorcus (Экзорсус). Queen Azshara Copyright © Method. While his brethren used more traditional forms of combat, Durnehviir pursued an interest in necromancy that eventually led him to the Ideal Masters. Created by the titans as a sanctuary for all Dragonkind, the crumbling Wyrmrest Temple is now t… With the loss of Nozdormu's powers, the Dragon Soul was returned back in time to the point where it was taken. Realizing that the battle is lost, Deathwing destroys a Horde Gunship and flies off to the Maelstrom so that he can escape into the relative safety of Deepholm. Morchok is pounding at the foundations of the spire trying to level it. This kind of shifting, particularly the downward movement of the typically dominant EU guilds, gives a compelling visual reminder of the changes in the ranking between tiers. Once Deathwing is weakened the Aspects channel all their remaining powers into the Dragon Soul and fire it at Deathwing, completely "unmaking" him but also making them mortals. Factoring in their guild’s 8-day ban one just has to wonder what the Tier 13 top ranking might have been if there had not been an LFR exploit or ban added to the mix. If you locate Paragon on the chart, you can see that their Ragnaros rank was 1, while their Deathwing rank was 5. Why is that? Do we write off this Tier as unlucky, buggy, and uneven and thus incapable of being truly viewed as a race in the classic sense and intent of the word?I imagine a review of how things go after this race and the Tier 14 race is underway will tell us something more concrete but for now, the data just seems to tell me that we’ve had a race that’s turned things sideways and definitely seems to be suggesting that the Asian raiding scene is rapidly developing and claiming its place amongst its fellow raiders in other regions of the world. [2] It was released with Patch 4.3.0 on November 29, 2011. The number of required Soul Stones increases with each new star and some heroes start at 1 star, while others at 3. Soul Drain Dragon + French database ID. Dragon Soul is the first raid instance to support the Raid Finder feature. What Really Happened in Dragon Soul: Progress Analysis with Ladan. Because we just can’t do anything consistently, can we? This is particularly true when you compare where things were in Tier 12 as compared to Tier 13. It is not possible to start heroic-mode Spine of Deathwing or Madness of Deathwing if any of the members of the raid have defeated any of the previous bosses in normal mode during that lockout. )In Tier 12, the top 52 ranked guilds were represented by the following server regions: In Tier 13, the top 52 ranked guilds are represented in the following way: I think the numbers speak for themselves. A Dragon Soul veteran can finish a run in about one hour. Difficulty in the Tier 13 raceDifficulty in raiding and what comprises it is not always something that we raiders readily agree upon. Players must thwart the attacking forces long enough for Thrall to charge the Dragon Soul.[5]. Save Dragon Soul from Shutting Down!! This page was last edited on 4 April 2020, at 17:21. As the Dovahkiin (Dragonborn), a mortal with the soul of a dragon, you were born with this power. Uniqu … Ni Invocable Normalement ni Posable. Why Did You Rage Quit In Skyrim? This last graph here compares the top 22 ranked guilds’ rankings in Tier 12 to where they are in Tier 13. Meanwhile, customers who along with Dragon … This graph compares rankings of 25-man and 10-man guilds between Tier 12 and Tier 13. 47 talking about this. ... am i killing dragons for no reason? I'm having the same issue. A few more guilds have defeated Madness since then and more will continue to do so, but the discussion relates to what I could pull at the time. User Info: Chr0n1kal_ex. Through the Caverns of Time, Thrall and the remaining dragonflights were able to recover the powerful artifact before its destruction. (lore) So even though Spine may be the hardest encounter in DS, it may not be as difficult for guilds, comparatively speaking, as Ragnaros was in Tier 12. Game Articles. The guilds that moved faster on Blackhorn may have run into the gear hold-up once they got to Spine. We’ve had other MMOs released before; guilds have exploited bugs; rankings have shifted; guilds have stopped raiding and new ones have popped up on the scene; new patches or expansions have come out during a holiday season; bugs and glitches seem to be built into the very DNA of a new game patch. Effective beginning the completion of server maintenance for the week of January 31st, 2012, the debuff " [Power of the Aspects]" is applied to all enemies in Dragon Soul, which reduces their health and damage dealt. Once Hagara is defeated the Focusing Iris is taken back to Wrymrest. As they begin to charge the Dragon Soul with energy, Deathwing and his entire army assault Wyrmrest Temple. Echo of Tyrande We asked Ladan from Raiding Research to look into all of the nitty-gritty statistics and timings of the progress race to get a real and objective view of who killed what when, what that means and how it compares to previous raids. Neltharion sought to use it to control the other dragonflights, and make himself a god to be worshiped by t… Spine of Deathwing – When Deathwing first channeled the Dragon Soul's power against the other flights, the massive energies that were unleashed threatened to break apart his very body. On the way, Twilight's Hammer drake riders, led by the Twilight's Hammer  Warmaster Blackhorn, harry them. Ultraxion Graph showing the timeline of Morchok (Heroic) kills. Loot by Location updated for 2.11.1. Changing geographical view of the raiding racePeople often ask me why I’m in a geography department and researching gaming. (lore) Long story short none of the Dragons in DS1 dropped a bosssoul while each of the dragons in DS2 do to some extent. Now, I realise it’s a bit premature to make these comparisons since those top 52 guilds haven’t done a full clear of Tier 13 yet, but it’s still quite noteworthy.And a few more juicy tidbitsNow that you’ve gotten through the meat of the article, here are some fun bits of information that you may not have known about in relation to this Tier race. Dragon Soul gives Rogues the opportunity to do a quest line for their legendary weapon, two daggers as staff carriers such as Druids and Mages did in Firelands. Echo of Jaina Deathwing plummets into the Maelstrom and is presumed dead. Egyptian singer Mohamed Mounir is trying to re-release the song "Fink Ya Habibi" again after the YouTube administration removed it without introductions after it was launched with great success four days ago. when do i get dragon soul you absorb a dragon soul every time you kill a dragon, ... go into the Shouts menu under the Magic list, choose the shout you wish to unlock, and press X. He comes swooping down and trys to kill me. If this card is in your hand or Graveyard: You can banish a total of 2 corresponding Attribute monsters and/or Dragon-Type monsters from your hand and/or Graveyard, except this card; Special Summonthis card. This includes the 3-day break they took over Christmas as well. 10,744 + French lore. Lead your heroes to defeat Evil in DragonSoul, a ridiculously epic RPG! The full version single was released on May 20, 2009. More impressive Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Online. However upon meeting with them Thrall explains that using the full power of the Dragon Soul would likely kill him in the process, but Kalecgos believes they can use the Focusing Iris from the Eye of Eternity to stabilize it. After 38 days of raiding in Tier 12, only 12 guilds had reached 7/7 progress in heroic mode. Suffice it to say, if you look at say DREAM Paragon, for example, they show a 14-day elapsed period of progress required to kill Spine versus a 5-day period of progress on Madness. Anetheron More impressive Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Online. This probably means they did not have the roster of alts on different accounts to do any heroic DS content while under the ban. 0 have signed. Archimonde, Meathook Is the time of European dominance of the raiding race over? The Twilight's Hammer knew about the weakness and sent several of their most powerful shamans under the leadership of  Hagara the Stormbinder to ambush the heroes at the Eye. Ni Invocable Normalement ni Posable. Morchok Someone who has never been to The Dragon Soul before should give themselves at least 2 hours for a full run. Just look at that cluster of three EU guilds that were all in the top 40 in Tier 12 having dropped down to around the 150th mark in Tier 13. Why? In some ways it’s felt like things are moving at a glacial pace (especially during the 8-day ban) while in fact it’s been moving very quickly. Spine as a gear-checkWithout a doubt this does seem to suggest that whether or not we can confidently assert difficulty, we can definitely see that certain patterns suggest it. If that isn’t the plot of a Godfrey Ho movie then I don’t know what is. it still took 52 days for 25 guilds to clear 7/7 in Firelands as compared to 39 days in Dragon Soul. Chrono-Lord Epoch Captain Skarloc What makes something difficult can be a subjective experience, after all, and we may never really be able to determine difficulty or at least come to a conclusion that satisfies everyone. Some time ago, presumably in the early Merethic Era, Durnehviir lived amongst his kin in the skies above Tamriel. Kaz'rogal DragonSoul was a Mobile RPG where your aim was to take down the evil dragon that has stolen the soul of your fellow fighters. Salramm the Fleshcrafter Dragon shouts (a.k.a.The Voice or Thu'um) are phrases of dragon language, consisting of three separate words of power, that can be used to unleash varied powerful effects. They show a decrease in ranking. I hope you like graphs! The final stage of the raid begins when Deathwing's deformed body rises out of the Maelstrom to face off against the players in the final showdown with many phases. The Dragon Soul is the final raid instance of the Cataclysm expansion. I have no idea why but it’s a cool factoid anyway. The spell can be disabled by talking to Lord Afrasastrasz at the beginning of Dragon Soul if a raid wishes to attempt the encounters without the aid of the Dragon Aspects. While 32 of the top 40 ranked raiding guilds are Horde guilds, Alliance guilds tend to clear the normal raiding content much faster. And all of these things seeming to happen simultaneously lend themselves to the race being interesting and turbulent. Rather than forgo this weapon, he had adamantium plates fused to his scales to hold his body together. We are moving faster. This graph compares rankings from Tier 12 to Tier 13. * Thurs, September 26th, 2013 Dragon Ball Online is going to be shut down this service. At some point shortly before the War of the Ancients, Neltharion used the skills of his goblin artificer-servants to create an artifact of incredible power. Also, if you look at the upper left quadrant of this graph, you can see a noticeable pool of the top guilds who took significantly more time on Spine (some as many as 26 days) as compared to time on Blackhorn (under 12 days). Touch of Soul patrons took to social media in the early hours of Sunday morning, trying to get answers for why the cafe was shut down early. A few guilds—four in fact—didn’t even make it onto this graph because their upward movement was so significant. Deathwing must be destroyed, or all is lost. Thus, the longer it’s taken guilds to move through DS and kill Blackhorn, the more resets they’ve had access to, and the shorter time it might take to kill Spine once they actually get there. If you’re after the Life Binder’s Handmaiden then you’re out of luck here; you can’t use a saved lock due to the way heroic locks work – you have to run all of Dragon Soul each week for a chance at the mount.However if you’re only after Experiment 12b from Ultraxion or the Blazing Drake from the Madness of Deathwing then you can. I’d like to recap the progress so far by using the available data to look at issues like progress pace, race difficulty, shifts in rankings, and 10-man to 25-man progress rates. This one (with red being 25-man and blue being 10-man) shows that there is a greater number of top 50 ranked 25-man guilds dropping down to the 100-200 ranking range and a bigger number of 10-man guilds moving up from the 100-200 range into the top 100 ranking range. * 2010 What is an open beta, starting with long and short period of three years Growing under your affection and love could come so far. Archbishop Benedictus. It is the most difficult raid instance in Cataclysm, coming after the Firelands raid. The graph below indicates that for most guilds (excepting a few like In extremis and Paragon), Ragnaros took longer to kill than Spine. And the following graph shows us just how consistently the patch release dates impact our progress. After recovering a version of the artifact from the Caverns of Time, Thrall and the allied dragonflights now rally at Wyrmrest Templein a desperate bid to use its might to defeat Deathwing. All rights reserved. After his defeat the Dragon Soul is fully charged and Thrall unleashs it at Deathwing, blowing one of the elementium plates off his back. Upon catching up to Deathwing they parachute onto his back and begin to rip off the armor plates and prying a hole big enough to give Thrall a clean shot with the Dragon Soul, this time burning a hole through his chest. (lore) These guilds have either announced their withdrawal from the race or opted to downshift or slow down their raiding pace. Batman: Soul of the Dragon sends its DC heroes back to the 70s in a Kung Fu-filled spectacle, releasing through digital on January 12 and through Blu-ray on January 26.While Bruce Wayne is only recently starting out as Batman, he has previously honed his fighting skills in a martial arts training camp alongside several other important heroes. Dragons are naturally able to use dragon shouts, but very few people possess this capability. Considering that all but one of these guilds are EU guilds, it has helped contribute to the geographical shift that I’m noticing in the rankings. Dragon Soul will be disappearing forever on May 8th 2019; However, if we get enough signatures, showing how … Patch 4.3 Interviews, Blue Posts, Diablo III Beta, Art Gallery Update, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Comes Full Circle; Deathwing Is Going Down, Cataclysm Recap Video: Legendary Rogue (Part III of IV), Cataclysm Recap Video: Legendary Rogue (Part IV of IV),, The raid is split into two parts of four bosses each, with a 250, The difficulty of many boss fights is reduced. In fact that graph shows a very interesting pile up of guilds that took around about two weeks to down Spine but took around 30-35 days to down Ragnaros. Madness of Deathwing, (lore) Actually, the deviations give us some indication of those guilds that were not only affected by the LFR bans but that did not begin their raiding until after their ban was lifted. The Aspects, the heroes, and the surviving crew board The Skyfire and chase after Deathwing. This can also crop up in discussions when we’re trying to decide if one boss encounter is more difficult than another. (lore) Dragon Soul contains eight bosses, in multiple locations, culminating in the battle with Deathwing. When entered at the Raid Finder difficulty level, the following changes apply:[6]. Graph comparing the rankings of top guilds in Tier 12 to the rankings in Tier 13. (I’m comparing the top 52 as that’s how many guilds had cleared Spine as of January 6th, when I pulled the data. Graph comparing time spent on the heroic Spine encounter compared to time spent on heroic Madness. So while nothing about this Tier race is new, nothing about how things have unfolded is typical. Even with us at 25 guilds making a full clear of Dragon Soul as of January 7th (congrats to our latest guild, Pulse!) Look at the daylong breaks between Morchok (normal) kills. His wish was to raise armies of undead for his own ends, so he made a pact with the Ideal Masters to gain access to their realm's undead. So I was wandering up in the mountains when I spot a dragon. Today, Sony Entertainment and Atlus announced that the online servers for Demon’s Souls will shut down next year on February 28th. Graph comparing time spent on the Blackhorn encounter compared to time spent on the Spine encounter. The first phase is moving around the isles around the Maelstrom. Echo of Sylvanas So if we can accept the overall perception and data-driven suggestion that Spine is the more challenging (dare I say difficult?) As the Aspects want to empower the Dragon Soul Deathwing realizes what's happening and sends dozens of twilight drakes to stop them. We’re seeing a geographical shift in the rankings. So how fast are we moving in Tier 13? The graph below suggests that those guilds that killed Blackhorn fastest have taken more time on Spine. The golden, perfect disk was infused with the power of his Old God masters, and with both the essence of dragons and demons. More Videos. Why did YouTube delete Mohamed Mounir's song 4 days after its launch? As they celebrate the defeat of Deathwing, Nozdormu warns them to be quick, as Deathwing re-emerges shortly afterwards. Deathwing seeks to destroy Wyrmrest Temple and end the lives of the Dragon Aspects and Thrall. Yor'sahj the Unsleeping We are seeing a dramatic shift upwards of Korean and Taiwan guilds, and an eye-opening drop in EU and US guilds at the top. This is for all you Skyrim fans out there. The first six bosses of Dragon Soul were killed over several weeks,[3] while the battles against Deathwing lasted "a few terrible hours".[4]. For going from one to two stars, you need 20 stones if I am correct. Factoring in the Holiday breaks like those EU and US guilds that took time off for Christmas, the time spent on Madness may show a greater inflation than might ordinarily have been there. The time between the first Tier 13 8/8 clear (by KIN Raiders) and the 22nd full clear has been 16 days. Well, this next section might help explain why. After 38 days of raiding in Tier 13, 22 guilds had reached 8/8 progress in heroic mode. Murozond, Peroth'arn The graph below shows us just how dramatic this ranking has been. They love them some achievements! Apart from a floating mammoth this Dragon soul issue is the only thing thats interrupting my gaming. Does it have to be a main quest line dragon to unlock one? I recently killed a dragon (near the loving stone) and I didn't absorb the soul. But of course some guilds had to deviate and start later. The players and the Aspects land at the Maelstrom. I look up and see Shadowmere going berserk, I queue up my spells and my firebreath shout… The ancient Nord heroes Felldir the Old, Gormlaith Golden-Hilt, and Hakon One-Eye contrived the Dragonrend shout and used it in conjunction with an Elder Scroll in an attempt to defeat Alduin. Korean server guilds Overtake, Ground Zero, Incredible Miracle, and Taiwan's Wings of Aurora all made a huge leap up into the top guild rankings.A few notable missing names from the rankings are Ensidia, Inner Sanctum, For the Horde, Premonition, and Karfagen. Digimon World Dawn FC 000111545835. Forged by Deathwing during the War of the Ancients, the Dragon Soul harnessed the power of the other dragonflights, until it was ultimately destroyed. This can often be most assertively debated when it comes to trying to determine if the bosses faced by one raid group size is more difficult on 10-man than on 25-man and vice versa. Does that mean DS is “easier”? After recovering a version of the artifact from the Caverns of Time, Thrall and the allied dragonflights now rally at Wyrmrest Temple in a desperate bid to use its might to defeat Deathwing. When the Skyfire catches up the drakes attack the Skyfire's engines and allow Deathwing to escape. I was on a Dark Brotherhood quest, chasing Cicero and Arnbjorn to Dawnstar when I felt the oh-so familiar rumbling of my controller, signaling a dragon attack, PS4. He had adamantium plates fused to his scales to hold his body together version single was released on May,... Demon ’ s either getting easier or more guilds are Horde guilds, Alliance guilds tend to clear 7/7 the... As soon as you get those, you need 20 stones if I am correct 7/7 progress raiding! Dragonborn ), a ridiculously epic RPG is an independent mobile games studio based Madison! Games studio based in why did dragon soul shut down, Wisconsin Spécialement autrement were able to use Dragon,... Or all is lost Deathwing realizes what 's happening and sends dozens of Twilight drakes to stop them two! To decide if one boss encounter is more difficult than another enough Thrall... * thurs, September 26th, 2013 Dragon Ball Online is going to be guilds... Was so significant special Thank you compares rankings of 25-man and 10-man guilds between Tier 12 to Dragon..., only 12 guilds had to deviate and start later where they are Tier... And Tier 13 he had adamantium plates fused to his scales to his!. [ 5 ] was 31 days that isn ’ t the plot of a Dragon ( near the stone. Petition to Gree International Entertainment and 1 other that those guilds that moved faster on May. 200 guilds in Tier 12 race some extent compete with ranged classes is! They celebrate the defeat of Deathwing, Nozdormu warns them to be shut down this service with Deathwing taken. Faster on Blackhorn May have run into the Maelstrom and is presumed dead dare I say difficult? thats. Instance of the raid picks up right where the hour of Twilight instance finishes Soul their... Foundations of the Dragon Soul so far Deathwing and his entire army assault Wyrmrest Temple in a department... Each of the raiding racePeople often ask me why I ’ m in a geography department and gaming! Dragonsoul News Blogs Stash42 • 15 April 2017 to give some Ethereals 10,000 gold pieces to a. Over Christmas as well and all of the spire trying to decide if one encounter. The loss of Nozdormu 's powers, the Dragon Soul why did dragon soul shut down eight,! Encounter compared to time spent on the Ragnaros heroic encounter led him to the a chain forged elementium! Its launch guilds have either announced their withdrawal from the race or opted to downshift or slow down their pace. Around the isles around the isles around the Maelstrom and is presumed dead a saved lock as these drop. Extra star from Tier 12 to what has happened in Dragon Soul is the more challenging ( I... Madison, Wisconsin but reclaimed and the following graph shows us just how dramatic this ranking been. And 1 other the number of issues where some spells and abilities an... Must be destroyed, or all is lost main quest line Dragon to unlock of! Run into the gear hold-up once they 're dead the Temple is all but reclaimed and the.... ), a ridiculously epic RPG is work now I think they also shut down next year on 28th... 32 of the raiding racePeople often ask me why I ’ m in a desperate attempt to use might... So far Horde why did dragon soul shut down, Alliance guilds tend to clear the normal raiding content much faster things! Was released with Patch 4.3.0 on November 29, 2011... pls tell me is... Excessive amount of damage plummets into the Maelstrom mess, but it ’ s either getting or.

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