V will still die if he doesn’t find that solution, but at least he’s got some new friends by his side. Here she explains that after further analysis, V’s body is dying and there’s nothing that can be done to save him. So, the Voodoo Boys were right all along that Alt is still alive and now exists beyond the Blackwall where nobody can touch her. With that out of the way, there is a secret Cyberpunk 2077 ending involving Johnny Silverhand and a unique final mission. Cyberpunk 2077 – Full Crucifixion Questline And Endings Explained 12/14/2020 Cyberpunk 2077 has some of the most genuinely fascinating side quests that you will find in any RPG, and a key example of that is the Sinnerman questline. Cyberpunk 2077 has five normal endings, plus a secret ending. V then goes about trying to set up a meeting with The Voodoo Boys through his fixer contacts. V visits the Pacifica area and accidentally walks into a funeral before being directed to Placide. Johnny and Rogue fight their way out. A short story montage catches us up on their activities over the past few months before the game begins properly. The Johnny ending … V then goes to track down Yorinobu while Hanako gains control of the building. Cyberpunk 2077‘s first ending is available to all players regardless of what they did leading up to the point of no return, but it is possible to see a slight variation on this ending based on whether or not you saved Takemura during the Search and Destroy mission. One shareholder, Hanako Arasaka, … The most influential decision is that made during the Op55n1 quest, which is when the player decides whether to trust Johnny or Hanako with breaking into Arasaka Tower. For more useful tips and information on the game, be sure to check out Twinfinite’s guide wiki. As he explains, the only way to get close to her is during the Arasaka parade that is to be held in Saribo’s honor, which means they need intel on the parade’s security. Cyberpunk 2077 is available for PC on GOG.COM, Steam and Epic, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Stadia from December 10, 2020. Unfortunately, things go wrong. 4. The situation nearly breaks into a fight, but luckily Jackie manages to talk them down. Cyberpunk 2077. Johnny will then take this as you not wanting to get anybody hurt and simply takeover your body himself. However, there is on constant when it comes to the game-ending and that’s the hidden secret ending in Cyberpunk 2077. As they have discovered thanks to intel gathered via a Brain Dance from a prostitute named Evelyn Parker, Yorinobu has stolen the relic chip and is keeping it in his apartment. As far as second chances go, this is your last,” “You were a real dick in the beginning,” “When you said you let down your friends…,” “Smasher biz really got to her,” and “Yeah. In the game, all roads lead to Rome — or in this case, Arasaka. Still having 6 months to live V takes on the most Daring Gig yet. Do not pick it for your first one. So many decisions and choices are involved that you don’t know exactly how everything will unfold. A secret one. SVG. Complete the (Don’t Fear) The Reaper mission. The final ending possibility is triggered by not responding to Johnny’s question of which plan V wants to go with during Op55n1. Johnny explains his distrust of corpos like Takemura, while also explaining that he has changed his mind and doesn’t want V dead. This is a rather depressing ending, but if the player enjoyed Johnny’s personality and wanted him to survive then it’s certainly the best option. Choose the “Wanna live out whatever life I got left” dialog option and enter the Well to return to your body. If they are successful, they will then trigger either the “Path of Glory” or “New Dawn Fades” endings depending on their final choices. While Arasaka is able to destroy the Silverhand implant, it seems that the Relic has irreparably damaged V’s body. Johnny is then seen trying to track down Alt with Thompson at Afterlife Bar. If you want to see it, just follow these steps: As you can see, this ending still involves V learning that he eventually will die if he returns to his body. V will then put a gun to his head and end things before they get too complicated. All Discussions ... Indid not understand one of the endings pls explain (spoilers) ... (Or just become's a Merc of fearsome renown - depending on ending) after their success at Mikoshi. That is to say that once you reach this mission, you’ll trigger the path to the game’s final moments and won’t be able to deviate from it in ways that involve open-world actions. He’s later found at a gas station. More on that in a bit. Cyberpunk 2077. Playing as Johnny, players then fight their way through the tower and reach Alt. Other Choices Don't Influence The Ending When you buy Cyberpunk 2077 on GOG.COM, 100% of your money goes to CD PROJEKT Group and supports their future projects. Alt is then uploaded to Mikoshi where V and Johnny then meet her. After meeting with Alt in Mikoshi and her explaining that V’s body will certainly die, V then chooses to live out the rest of his days on earth. He gives V the dog tags of a fellow soldier who took a bullet for him way back in the day. Choose to enter the Well and return to Earth as V. During Nocturne Op55N1, go out to the balcony and talk to Johnny Silverhand, as usual. Again, those steps are based on one of the only documented working paths to this ending. It turns out to be Johnny Silverhand, an iconic rock star who died years earlier attempting to destroy Arasaka, who actually now seems to exist within V’s mind. The final scenes involve Johnny packing up to leave Night City, but not before he goes to visit V’s grave and pay his respects. They literally smash into Arasaka Tower after its defenses shoot them down, but then manage to fight their way down to Mikoshi. Here, Alt explains that she is really just an AI now and not the Alt that Johnny used to know. Instead, he wants to help him in his quest to remove the chip from his mind and recommends speaking with a fixer called Rogue with whom he had dealings many years ago. V is forced to make a quick escape and then reconvene with Takemura at an abandoned apartment building. I’ll call Rogue.”. Cyberpunk 2077 – Dream On Walkthrough, All Branches And Endings Explained 12/14/2020 The world of Night City in Cyberpunk 2077 is filled with dozens of tiny stories that you can uncover, and one of the most fascinating ones is that which follows Elizabeth and Jefferson Peralez. There, he meets with a corpo who gives him a new gig that seems to involve busting into a space station. Select the dialog/action options: “Call Panam,” “Just Need a Minute,” “Somethin…I gotta do today,” “Gonna ask Panam for Help,” and “Take Omega Blockers.”, Complete the missions “We Gotta Live Together,” “Forward to Death,” and “Belly of the Beast.”. In the morning, Panam explains her plan, which is to take out Hellman’s AV as it flies over the area. Like other open-world games with multiple endings, Cyberpunk 2077 has a “point of no return” mission. V has a decision to make: trust Johnny and Rogue to bust into Arasaka Tower for the third time or put their faith in Hanako, an Arasaka executive. The goods are then given to Rogue’s men at the Sunset Motel before V and Panam figure out a plan to capture Hellman. V then wakes up a motel with Johnny watching over him. The trail then leads him to a chip-doc named Fingers who eventually explains that Evelyn was taken by two thugs from a Brain Dance studio. Cyberpunk 2077 Ending Explained: how many endings & how to get them. The choice you make here will determine what ending you get! He recommends V prepares for the worst…. Also, what happens in Arasaka (and afterwards) hinges on a few key decisions. He gets dressed and then takes a flying car to the Afterlife Bar, which he now owns. Johnny isn’t happy, of course, but it’s the only way…. Brigitte explains the crypt as part of the old interconnected digital network –the transcontinental maglev system– that used to connect all nations before the war. After that, V ends up at a space station where Arasaka will attempt to safely extract Johnny Silverhand from their consciousness and save their life. Speaking with Rogue yields a lead for Hellman, who can apparently be found in the Badlands with the help of someone named Panam Palmer. V is then betrayed by Dexter, who is incensed by V and Jackie’s efforts and worries Arasaka will come for him next.

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